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El Mariachi/ Desperado special edition?

Anyone else pre-order the new El Mariachi/ Desperado special edition? I ordered mine a couple days back. I think it’s the same product that came out a while back, but since I don’t have it, I decided to order the new one from Amazon. It’s weird because I love Desperado and own many movies that I like a lot less. Anyone Else going for it?

yes it’s only a minor improvement from the old double-feature but since you didn’t have it. nice going!

I like Desperado, its this tex-mex action fun-flick

I heard the Superbit Desperado is better than the SE Desperado.


the Superbit is better than the OLD Desperado DVD. But the NEW Desperado DVD is about the same quality as the Superbit.

BESIDES: There are ZERO extras on the superbit.

You definitely buy the new Special Edition, not the superbit, superbit is cool for home cinema freaks who like DTS of high bitrate and no extras… Film geeks like us, we like extras

Old Desperado is the same as the new one. They have the same amount of extras besides a trailer for Once upon a time in Mexico. It’s so-called “new” because it’s seperate from El Mariachi. And yes, I’m not a dipshit, I know Superbits have no extras, but those who like DTS and a slightly better picture quality will want the Superbit. I’m still debating on whether to get the SE or Superbit, but I’m leaning towards the SE because of the commentary.

get the SE. i got it and i really liked the extras. the only superbit i ever bought was Snatch, and I didn’t like it nearly as much as the one i had rented.


Regarding QT’s appearance in Desperado: the monologue delivered…did:

A) Rodriguez write the scene?

B) Rodriguez write, and then QT re-write the scene?

I am in a minor debate with someone on another board that mentioned the studio was unhappy with the original Rodriguez draft submitted, and somehow QT got involved, and re-wrote some of the script. Any truth to this?


i got dat desparado SE since I never had it on tape.

I got El Mariachi on tape - anyone recommend the DVD?

is his first movie BEDHEAD any good? is it even on it?

BEDHEAD is on the MARIACHI DVD and i highly recommend it.

As far as I know, all that was in the script was “QT comes in and pulls his thing”, so, I suppose he just went in and told a joke…

bedhead isnt even a movie, its a short ass film (about 20 minutes long)…but i got a question, is the double feature of el mariachi/desperado include english for el mariachi? bcuz i bought the SE and el mariachi is only in french and spanish so damn…i wanted the dubbed version on dvd is there one or no?

no english, I dont know why.

learn spanish! espanol es bueno!

Bah I hate it when this shit happens, I just bought the Desperado Superbit last week since it was the only version available. But now i see that the double special edition is being released.

Is the Desperado special edition good enough to replace the superbit edition? and how is El Mariachi plus its extras?

I wanna be sure im not buying something shitty before i flush the superbit version trough the toilet :slight_smile:

keep ur version trust me…the only extras on the special edition is 10 minute film school which was pretty good by robert rodriguez and then the trailers for desperado, el mariachi, mask of zorro, love and bullet, and once upon a time in mexico…and then htere was a sneak peak to once upon a time in mexico…

I was recently browsing IMDB, and they have a new documentary listed called El Mariachi: 10 Years Later. It doesn’t give much info, but maybe it’s for a new trilogy box set? Maybe that explains why the El/Desperado “Special Editions” (If you wanna call it that) for $15 each, and $20 for the 2 pack.

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