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Eddie Bunker (MR. BLUE)

Has anybody of you Tarantino fans read any of Bunkers books? I havent myself, but if you have then tell me was it good or not? By the way, There is a slight possiblity that Blue didnt die, because why would Joe know that, and can we be sure that his information is true? So tell me whaddaya think happened to MR. True Blue?

I didnt read any of his books but i did see a movie adaption of his.

Animal Factory directed by none other than Steve Buscemi.

It stars one of my favorite character actors Willen Dafoe and great preformances all the way through. Its a nice little movie about life in jail - the teritory Bunker is most familiar with.

As to what happened to Mr. Blue there could be many possibilites.

Like Mr. Blonde says ‘Either he’s dead or he isn’t, either the cops have him or they dont’.

I personally think that the police caught him and Joe knows but doesnt say anything coz he is too ashamed as he just realised he made a stupid mistake of hiring Mr. Orange. I dont know. My oppinion.


I havent seen Animal Factory, but I did see Steves other film Trees Lounge. Its a nice little film. If you guys havent seen it you should check it out sometime.

Mr Blue died. Joe said “Hes dead as Dillinger” in the movie. He probably got shot by cops.

That I know. But how can Joe be so sure about it? He definetly cant just go to the Diamond joint and have a look around.

It doesnt matter. The movie ended and only Mr Pink got away, well he almost did. Mr Blue and Mr Brown are dead!!! End of story!!! :slight_smile:

Youre not really open to discussion are you Vic? :slight_smile:

I saw Trees Lounge and i liked it. It was a nice debut by Steve Buscemi and i loved the Sam Jackson cameo.

Vic (or anyone else who didnt see it) should really check Animal Factory which in my oppion is a better movie then TL.


I never read any Mr.Bunker’s novels. I should check em’ out. I saw Animal Factory once directed by Mr.Buscemi(I dont beleive in it,It’s for the birds) and Starring Willem Defoe(Awesome actor), Edward Furlong(good young talent), and Danny Trejo(He’s so cool). Tom Arnold was so scary.

the RD special edition has a Bunker featurette on it, don’t it?

[quote]the RD special edition has a Bunker featurette on it, don’t it?[/quote]

Yep its called The Good The Bad and The Bunker. Check it out when you get the DVD!

you know, i still have my doubts about that dvd… imho, artisan fucked it up

I’ve read Education of a Felon (his autobiography), Dog Eat Dog (where Pulp Fiction is mentioned), and Little Boy Blue. They’re all entertaining and well written, in my opinion. Little Boy Blue being my favorite. It’s loosely based on Bunker’s early experiences in the world of crime at a very young age. I liked it a lot, you should read them if you get the chance. I hope Blue didn’t die. He just seemed like he was too much of a proffesional to even speak a lot:). Bunker actually robbed a lot of banks in real life. Besides, they didn’t even give him a cover, that’s the least they could do.

one cool fact about bunker is,

that he was the youngest person ever, who had to go to st. quentin. (in real life of cause,cause he robbed a liquid store, and was shot, also he sold hash…thats why he had to go to jail )

also he met Denny Trejo there ( who also had to go to st. quentin for 11 years, cause he robbed a bank armed. )

why the fuck is MR Blue in the movie anyway. He doest say a word.

Anyway its only ment to be a 5 man job with him its six.

Everyone has there place in the movie but he does’nt!!

Mos Def’s character in 16 BLOCKS is called Eddie Bunker. coincidence? i don’t think so

Do you guys remember that IFC special a few years ago? Anyway, Eddie Bunker was on there and he said that they were gonna shoot a scene where Mr. Blue got shot but they didnt have enough film so they didnt shoot it.