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Ed Wood DVD

does anyone know the real status on this? last week i heard it was delayed to an as of yet unknown date but i look in the sunday ads and i see both circuit city and best buy advertising it.

so is out or is it delayed?

This is the 2nd time it’s been delayed (Disney’s at it again) But rumors are going around that some stores had a few copies in stock before the delay was announced. If you’re lucky, you might be able to find one.

Check on eBay, theirs TONS on there, but their selling for over $100. I was waiting so long for this, i cant beleive this bullshit! Best Buy wont have it for sure, they dont have it on their site anymore, they really need to get their shit together.

i got mine, i had to try 5 different places but luckily the blockbuster near my school had it so i picked it up :slight_smile:. havent opened it since it may become a collectors item, i dunno.

i got mine at best buy yesterday. I work at an electronics store and we had to send them back.

I called at least a dozen places, and nothing! >:(

Fucking Disney needs to get their shit together.

many think disney is waiting because of murray’s and depp’s oscar noms. but that is just bullshit.

alot of stores say its a copywrite/legal issue. who know, it maybe year before that gets settled.

If you’ve got a Border’s Book store in your area, check it out. I’ve heard they let a few loose copies there.

Tried it, shit man, nobody let that DVD out by me. >:(

same here. those pricks >:(

try blockbuster, they usually have the most incompetant workers

Maybe not really on topic, but is this a good film? Here in Belgium you can buy it (quiet expensive) but i like Johnny’s work much…

Goddamn stupid recall…I can’t find it anywhere! I love Ed Wood! It’s hilarious and so very quirky. Tim Burton’s best.

from what I’ve heard is, that Buena Vista pulled the release back (for what reason ever) but at that time, some dealers had already received their copies - the ones that you find on ebay today.

wheras overseas (e.g. here in Germany or in UK) it’s normally available, with just one diffrence: no deleted scenes.

i ordered my Region2 DVD of it yesterday, i hope the movie is as good as i’ve read about it

it was on TCM last weekend. i recorded it.

I have the DVD here. If you absolutely NEED the deleted scenes you have to bit into the sour apple and get it expensive off ebay. else, just import the Region 2 disc.