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DVDs you should've bought when you had the chance!

I know we got a few longtime DVD collectors here. And in the 8-year existence of my DVD collecting, there’s been numerous times over the years when I’ve gone to stores and have seen some DVDs of interest, only to find out later that they will soon have gone out-of-print or discontinued. Here’s a few that I’m still kicking myself in the ass for letting them get away from me:

Naked Killer (Mega Star)

I used to always see this just sitting in Suncoast collecting dust for months. The few online reviews I read about it at that time weren’t positive, so I felt it wasn’t gonna be a good blind buy.

Then when I later got my Netflix account going, I decided to give this a rental. Not only did I find the movie to be fairly entertaining, but I later found out that the version I saw (R1 Fox) was hacked to absoulte shit! To this day, I still haven’t seen the Director’s Cut of this.

(Anchor Bay’s Repo Man Limted Edition Tin)

I’m sure I would’ve enjoyed the CD soundtrack as much as I enjoyed the movie. Guess I’ll never know.

(Anchor Bay’s ILSA trilogy)

At the time I saw this boxset in stores, She-Wolf of the SS was the only movie of the trilogy I saw at that time and didn’t think the following sequels weren’t gonna be as good. So that was enough to warrant a no-purchase.

Boy, was I wrong.

After some future rental-viewing, Oil Sheiks turned out to be my favorite of the trilogy and Wicked Warden is the most entertaining movie I’ve yet to see from Jess Franco.

Here’s wishing that Blue Underground will re-release this set ASAP!!!

KITE-Director’s Cut (Media Blasters)

Kind of a wildcard for this one since I still haven’t even seen the movie. I remember spotting it at Tower Records (R.I.P) and it quickly vanished when I went back to think of blind-buying it.

Last I checked, Netflix didn’t even have it to rent, making this one real ellusive.

All I can think of for now.

So do you have any stories to tell about “the ones that got away”?

Naked Killer: Nothing to worry about man, the HKL is the directors cut, and with very good transfer and excellent extras (commentary by the director, nearly 1½ hours of interviews with Simon Yam, Clarence Fok and Wong Jing, etc.)

Kite: wrong version in the first place. That’s one of the cut versions. You need to get this version

Okay, then my rant

Sexy Line (R2J)

Teruo Ishii with english subs. And I let it slip past my radar. Now out of print.

20th Century Nostalgia (R2J)

Saw some caps and looked awesome, now oop

The Beyond (R1)

oop, not impossible to get a hold of but would be very expensive

Video Girl Ai (R1)

Looks like a lovely show. Now oop.

Thanks for the info on Kite.

Yeah, I’ve known about the HKL 2-Disc, but I’ve been waiting to see if there’s gonna be an eventual price drop.

Beyond! One of my first online purchases! But I waited a little too late on going for the Killer Tin Set

Out of those ones I own the Repo Man tin and The Beyond. I’m glad I picked them up!

Thanks for the info on Kite.

Yeah, I’ve known about the HKL 2-Disc, but I’ve been waiting to see if there’s gonna be an eventual price drop.

It’s not a two dicer. It was intended to be a Platimum Edition (I can even find you a pic of the unused cover art, if you want) but they changed their plans. Btw, the menus on that disc are some of the best I have ever seen.

£7 + shipping at amazon, not too bad. Play might be cheaper but they don’t deliver outside Europe

You can still get the Beyond Tin Set. I never knew of such, so searched it online and found places that has it like Amazon. I might buy that. Thanks Laydback for the info on such a tin edition. I never knew.