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[DVD / UMD] Sin City

Anyone know anything about when this will be out on DVD? I know it won’t be for a while but I cannot get this movie out of my system. I even have the Making of book and I still want more.

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And From

Title: Sin City

Starring: Bruce Willis

Released: 16th August 2005

SRP: $29.99

Further Details

Buena Vista Home Entertainment has announced a barebones release of the Robert Rodriguez directed Sin City, which stars Bruce Willis, Jessica Alba, Mickey Rourke, Clive Owen and Brittany Murphy. The film, based on a series of graphic novels created by Frank Miller, will be available to own from the 16th August this year. Retail will be around $29.99. The film itself will be presented in 1.85:1 anamorphic widescreen along with both English DTS 5.1 and Dolby Digital 5.1 Surround tracks. No extra material will be included.

So what you gonna do? wait, or pay twice?


Rodriguez already said there’s much to be coming on a special edition, that he has lots of material to show, so why shove 30 bucks up buena vista’s ass for nothing but the movie? thats my opinion

You gotta be fucking kidding me. I want to wait but I know how I am and I’ll end up caving and buying the barebones one, and then end up blowing more money on the special edition. The same goes for both Kill Bills. Shit like this is really offensive to the diehard fans.

there seem to be several sleeve covers available for it

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i want willis and jessica alba

Whoa, cool idea. Just like the Reservoir Dogs Special Editions. I’ll try and pick up the Clive Owen/Rosario Dawson one.

at least its just a slip-over. i didnt like the artisan reservoir dogs idea…

I thought Amazon had it for $15.99? No way I’ll pay 30 for barebones.

I’ll patiently wait for the SE

I thought Amazon had it for $15.99? No way I’ll pay 30 for barebones.
[/quote] : 15.98 dollars

[quote=“Seb (admin)”] : 15.98 dollars

Why don’t they round off these damn things. Like I’m gonna feel like I saved SOoooo much money because I’ve got 2cents in my pocket. What about taxes! The consumer is suppose to be so stupid. Well hell, most of them are.

“Look Mable! We can save 2 cents! Let’s buy from Amazon!”

well, i think its psychology:

what will you buy at first sight: sin city costing 16 dollars or sin city for 15.98 ?

its the same with grocery stores: will you buy the can of soda for .98 or for 1 dollar? besides, who cares… i mean, after all, cheap is cheap, no matter how much cheaper. its the customer’s choice

Rodriguez talking DVD features from movie hole interveiw

[quote]Q: Well, knowing that there may be different versions of the movie, released on DVD, do you do anything in particular to make sure you distinguish one from the other. I mean, as a film maker, do you make sure to do something to distinguish one release from the other? Like Peter Jackson did with The Lord of the Rings movies.

Rodriguez: Well you guys put out one. This one Barry put in that one that comes out next week that was just bare – I had not put anything extra on that because I didn’t have time to finish my DVD extras, they put that out four months later because of piracy and stuff like that. So they’ll make sure you don’t put anything on there so that they know, well this isn’t the real DVD. The real DVD should come out fairly quick which will be just obviously the double disc with all the goodies on it. It has everything, all kinds of stuff in there. It’ll have a twenty minute film school, a new cooking school, Sin City breakfast tacos. My favourite feature is, you know, when people watch DVDs they complain, well the only thing about home entertainment is you miss that audience experience. Well the best audience is in Austin, especially for a movie that was made there, could be showed, the premieres with the actors there, with a 1500 seat theatre and they go crazy. In Sin City there was a big reaction. I recorded the audience at 5.1 so watching the DVD and you want to see it with an Austin audience on premiere night, you just click a button and they’re all there, so it’s really cool. And then Quentin when he directed his sequence, he just let the tape roll while we were recording or shooting, and sit and tape for an hour or so. There’s something like twenty minute uninterrupted tapes, his sequencing. You see him go in front of the camera and talk with the actors and directing and you hear the whole sounds of the set. It’s like you’re sitting right there in the set, seeing the movie being shot, from the point of view of the camera that’s shooting the movie and uninterrupted, it’s really cool, you feel like you’re right there and you get to see what it’s like to work with Quentin and the actors and how the movie actually gets made.[/quote]

R.2 Bare Bones cover…

I have the Region 1 edition of the Sin City DVD. It was $15. You can choose from four different slip covers. Jackie Boy, Marv, Hartigan, or Dwight. I got Jackie Boy. All there is as far as extras go is a behind the scenes featurette with lot’s of Quentin.

I’ll wait for the special edition. Besides, The Simpsons Season 6 came out today and I already bought it.

I can’t wait for the special edition. 20 minutes of just Tarantino directing. That should be cool to see.

yeah out now. for all who can’t wait:

buy at


Shot entirely in high-definition video, Sin City looks outstanding on DVD. I don’t know for sure whether this disc was mastered directly from the digital master files (but I suspect it was). In any case, the anamorphic widescreen image looks gorgeous. The film is almost entirely presented in B&W - a choice that helps to emulate the style of the original graphic novel. That means this film is ALL about contrast, and this DVD preserves the all the necessary shadings beautifully. There’s a little tiny bit of digital artifacting here and there (during rain storms and chaotic motion) but that’s probably unavoidable. Doesn’t matter - the image quality is here is near breathtaking.

As good as the video is, the audio is even better. You’re given the choice of both Dolby Digital and DTS 5.1 surround. Both tracks feature great clarity and a wide soundstage. There’s surprising subtlety in the mix, resulting in a highly atmospheric audio experience. Music is well blended, there’s lots of panning and directional play, the rear channels are active. Best of all, there’s serious bass in the mix… not just for music and effects, but even the character voices have exactly the right amount of gritty rumble. The DTS track is just a hair smoother, but both mixes are excellent.

seems like the quality is outstanding