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DVD review (Pulp Fiction)

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Good to know that a text commentary is part of the special features.

The review just wants me to get the DVD more then ever!

Thank God there is something close to a commentary.

The DVD sounds perfect and i cant wait for Aug. 20


I cant wait to get those DVDs! Im gonna pre-order mine today. :slight_smile:

I am going to get all four: RR, Pulp, True Romance and Jackie Brown. I am looking forward to Jackie Brown the most.

Two more reviews:

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positive review.

overall: pulp and jackie DVDs are top, while the Dogs was fucked-up by Artisan.

The only reason I bought the new DVDs (Mr Blonde and Mr Orange) is because:

A) theyre collectors editions with special cases B) the extras.

Call me old fashioned but in the end, I just wanna WATCH THE FUCKIN FILM! lol

If I can see the picture on my TV screen (regardless of some lighter colors) color me fuckin happy, lol.

For everyone that doesnt like the colors, turn your stupid contrast and brightness down or some shit. Its not that big of a deal. :slight_smile:

the opposite: there is NO colors on the RD dvd. ;-(

anyway. i have to wait anyway, because i have no money. maybe, once i have some money, QT decides to record some audio commentaries and all that Special edition crap starts all over again…

please support our great site and use my amazon links when odering. I’ll post a few more reviews to get you drooling…


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Wait wait wait wait, to mean that ALL of you haven’t picked that one up yet? GO GET IT NOW BEFORE I HUNT YOUR ASSES FOR SPORT!!! >:(

[quote]Wait wait wait wait, to mean that ALL of you haven’t picked that one up yet? GO GET IT NOW BEFORE I HUNT YOUR ASSES FOR SPORT!!!  >:([/quote]

Check the date of the post. Old thread.

Seb just bumped it to include those other reviews.

My bad

[quote]My bad[/quote]

yes I noticed we had some REVIEWS Topics in here so I went to hunt down some reviews out of

just to give those poor fucks some ideas. you know, there are still human beings out there that don’t own this great dvds yet

I just bought the PF one, and…is it just me, or does the packaging suck donkey balls? I mean, Jesus. It’s all plasticy and cheapy and practically falling apart. Is it supposed to be like that, or what? To go with the whole “pulp fiction” thing? The RD package was worlds better.

I didn’t find the PF packaging to be cheap at all. Actually I thought it was very cool, with the slip cover and the miniature Jack Rabbits Slims menu and all. If anything, I think Artisan’s RD Dvd cover is much more cheaper and prone to damage since it’s basically made of cardboard. Maybe it’s just a matter of opinion though.

i cannot stand the pulp packaging you almost break the dvd getting it out, i cracked mine once…

I just thought the inside of the packaging was very flimsy and cheap - the “Pulp Facts” DVD had fallen out, probably because that press-down button isn’t very secure at all. I think they could have done what Artisan did: Have both DVDs in a hard plastic case and then slide it into a cardboard cover, still with Mia’s face peeking out, but much more secure inside. Now I just keep both PF DVDs in a separate case, because the original is a pain in the ass.

Just got my first bunch of DVD’s including Pulp Fiction, and I must say, it’s nice to be able to skip Butch’s cab ride and the potbelly chapters.


how can you say that…

the cab ride scene is soooo cool, man