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DVD reveiw topic

here’s how it works you reveiw dvds here, by the movie, extras and sound/video quality, I’ll start:

From Dusk till Dawn: Movie: B

Extras: A-

Sound/Video: B+

Okay I’m pretty sure every one on the board has seen the movie, but for those who haven’t, here’s a quick run through: The gecko brothers (George Clooney/ Quentin Tarantino) are on the run to mexico, and kidnap a family to get across the border, once across they go to a bar, inwich turns out to be on anceint land, infested by vampires…

In my opinion the movie was great, up until the vampires, I’m giving it a B it had alot of potential but they ruined it. I still enjoy the film, and i think you should see it never the less. There is alot of excellent acting in the film, even Tarantino is alright.

The extra’s contain such things as the tv commercials, a audio commentary (containing QT its hilariouse) and best of all “Full tilt boogy”, its for a great price. The extra’s aren’t great but there good and full tilt boogey and tarantinos commentary make it worth it

The picture and audio are great, and thats all there is to say…

K now if u disagree with my reveiw post, if u wanna reveiw your self reveiw

Since this is an international Tarantino website it would be good if you’d include in your review, what DVD you are reviewing. and don’t worry, you can make your review a lot longer, that increases the chances that I will publish it on

My short reviews:

Reservoir Dogs Special Edition (region 4):

Movie: A-

Extras: A-

Sound/Video: B+/B

From Dusk Till Dawn Collector’s Edition (region 1):

Movie: A

Extras: A++

Sound/Video: B/C

Pulp Fiction Collector’s Edition (region 2, UK):

Movie: A++

Extras: A-

Sound/Video: B/A- (The UK DVD lacks .LFE)

Jackie Brown Collector’s Edition (region 2, UK):

Movie: A-

Extras: B+

Sound/Video: B+/A-

From Dusk Till Dawn (I wrote the review, and it’s from my dvd collection site) reg. 1 SE

"Okay vampire killers, let’s kill some fucking vampires."

This is a very strange film. The first half is a classic Tarantino flick with hilarious witty dialogue and clever scene direction. And then when the characters enter this bar in Mexico, all that is thrown out the window and suddenly becomes a B-movie horror vampire flick. I wouldn’t say it’s bad, but all that vampire FX and green blood and plastic limbs just hurts the movie as a whole, especially since the first half is so fucking good. There is a renewing moment when the characters “fight back,” and I was laughing so hard I couldn’t wait to see what happens next. I thought it was hugely entertaining. But remember this movie is one half Tarantino movie, one half over-the-top vampire flick. If you watch this movie expecting only one or the other, you’ll be dissapointed. This set includes a worthy commentary by Tarantino and the director Rodriguez, and the well-known “Fult Tilt Boogie” documentary. There are also lots more extras, including some featurettes and a hilarious outtake reel. The picture quality is just average, with some specks and dirt in the print. I noticed a little bit of pixelation, but I think that’s because of the dvd being non-anamorphic. A joint-marriage of Tarantino and Rodriguez style, this cross-genre extravaganza will be one of the more entertaining flicks in your collection.





Jackie Brown (my review again) reg. 1

"The AK-47! The very best there is. When you absolutely positively gotta kill every muthafucka in the room. Accept no substitutes."

This is Tarantino’s follow up to Pulp Fiction. If you have seen this movie before, you obviously know that Brown does not mean to live up to Pulp Fiction, because it’s an entirely different kind of movie. It’s more slow-paced and settled down than Pulp. However, this IS Tarantino. A more mature Tarantino. It has perfectly executed character development and an interesting aspect of this movie is that Jackie Brown (Pam Grier) is the only one that knows what is going on while the audience has to watch the plot unfold by itself. The aged “look” is back from Pulp Fiction, but this time it looks a bit better this time around. There are just as many extras as there are in the Pulp dvd, including some worthy interviews. It’s still missing a commentary, though.





True Romance (my review) reg. 1 SE Unrated

"It’s better to have a gun and not need it, then to need it and not have it"

True Romance is about an Elvis-fan and a call-girl brought together by their love for Kung-Fu, and discover in one-night their true love for each other. The title of the movie may throw some off, but this is just as violent as all the other Tarantino flicks. It has a great cast, witty dialogue and over-the-top violence. There are some great moments with the cast, especially with Christopher Walken and Gary Oldman. This SE has some generous special features, including an alternate ending and a behind the scenes featurette. There’s also a huge selection of commentaries; from the director, writer, and actors from the film. The Tarantino audio track is a real treat to listen to.





sorry I meant the american special edition FDTD

I’ll reveiw another one in a bit, but can we try to do some non-tarantino film aswell because I’m sure alot of us own the tarantino films already

The street fighter american dvd MOVIE B

Extras C-

Okay I bought this for 3 dollors so I went into it with low expectations and was pleasently suprised. the film is japanese, dubbed in english. The story line is alright, and the fight scene’s are well done, but I felt it lacked something

The extras are a trivia game, that has nothing to do with the movie, a WB cartoon that has nothin to do with the film. Infact all of the special features had nothing to do with the film.

For 3 dollors its a defenent buy, if it was 20 dollors it wouldnt be…

About Admin’s post… how in earth is FDTD better than reservoir dogs!? :o

Because it’s his fucking opinion. If you wanna be like that, lemme just say QT’s favorite movie IS From Dusk Till Dawn. If it’s not his number 1 favorite it was at least his most enjoyable movie to make. So that opinion isn’t all that crazy.

DNS pull the dildo outta your ass. Seb meant the DVD was better. Fuck Tarantino DVDs I know those rule already I’m doing my own.

Violent Cop Fox Lorber

Video: 5/10

Audio: 6/10


Beat Takeshi’s first film gets shitty treatment by Fox Lorber/Winstar, who’re known for fuckin with good films like The Killer and Hard Boiled on DVD, taking a copy of a copy and putting it on the DVD, that creates weird grainyness and motion trails (when a character makes a large movement a faint white trail comes from behind him). The sound sounded to be remastered somewhat, the gunshots were nice and clear, but when someone spoke it seemed kinda low-fi. The extras are this, a filmography, trailer and a scene selection divided into 6 parts. it’s the bare bare minimum, the UK Toyko Bullet R2 DVD has a much better picture from what I’ve heard… But most of the dialogue wasn’t subtitled…

And I don’t think we have a special edition coming anytime soon  :-/

Overall: 4/10, buy if you REALLY wanna see it.

Damn I know someone who would be a muthafuckin pro at this topic.

^^^^You never gave the actual movie a rating. You should review SharkSkinMan also.

[quote]^^^^You never gave the actual movie a rating. You should review SharkSkinMan also.[/quote]

Yeah I did. 7/10 for the movie, I posted in the other topic and 4/10 for the DVD in this section.

Shark Skin Man DVD is in all Japanese, I could only judge the quality and sound.

You do one for City of Lost Souls :stuck_out_tongue:

so yeah this is hard to get but well worth it

city of god region 4 SE

movie - A

extras - B

S/V - B

The movie is about a community (i think it’s called projects in the US) that grows too big for the government to control and is overtaken by crime.

you follow a boy, who is also the narrator, since the beggining of the city of god (late 60’s) until 12 years later (early 80’s). it grows so much that you can’t even tell it’s the same place. between that period you can see how the criminals takeover the city of god (not really a city, but a neighbourhood in rio de janeiro/brazil) and how it culminates in a war to control the traffic.

as for extras, there is a director’s commentary track, a making of, some bits about a group formed after the movie, trailers and some other smaller stuff. however, only the movie has english subtitles all the extras are in portuguese, except for the trailers

i tried not to give away anything about the movie. for more detailed info about it check imdb or search on google.

one thing, in the audio commentary, the director mentions something about some scenes that are funny in portuguese but that in germany, nobody laughed since it was dubbed in german. anybody knows if this is true?