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DVD from other countries question

is there any difference in special features of more stuff on the pulp fiction, reservoir dogs or jackie brown from the other countries or are they just the same


jackie brown:

the US, CAN, UK versions are the same (just minor differences in packaging, or DVD-ROM content). only those are 2-DVD editions. DVDs from Germany, Australia etc don’t have any special features

pulp fiction:

same as above

reservoir dogs:

the german dvd is the best, then the australian, then the US. the specials are almost the same. just minor differences

whats some of the minor diference and thanks for answering my friend form merry ol england asked me

Like I said, minor differences include a different packaging, one or more different subtitles, maybe a missing DVD-ROM content or in the example of True Romance (where RC1 and RC2 are almost the same) even a missing DTS Track and some featurettes. - is a good website to compare DVDs

thanks alot man

[quote]DVDs from Germany, Australia etc don’t have any special features[/quote]

Sorry to ask. But, do you even live in germany? I have german PF-version with loads of trailers, little featurette an, intervies and nice little “drück dem Burger” (or something like that) :smiley:

Very good PF dvd but if you wanna an english soundtrack you must have german subtitles… :frowning: