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DVD Cover

yep, i’ve updated the other in the wiki.

i think it looks great

Cool, but too standard

it’s allright I think

The cover looks pretty good actually, now I can enjoy the movie without the damn missing reel. BTW, you think RR and QT will be doing a commentary track together for both films or are they doing it individualy? They always do funny commentary like in FDTD - The gay little asian kid getting ripped apart by the zombie-vampires/strippers/www.hotgirl - . . . . ???

Did anyone hear that the Planet Terror DVD was being delayed…I can’t find any news on it.

so as not to distract from death proof, which came out yesterday don’t worry, i think there’ll be enough buzz soon.

or maybe they don’t want it to coincide with the screening in london

I think they’ll release it next month, for halloween and stuff. Marketing is a bitch, I hope the PT dvd contains all the fake trailers, I felt the DP dvd was missing alot of content that we could enjoy, the special features stuff is awful. But great film though…