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Dragon Dynasty

To all Asian Cinema Aficionados! is looking for one or several fans to maintain the link above. Fill it with links, reviews, up-to-date Amazon links, DVD covers and more.

Please post here for questions, ideas, comments, suggestions, etc… thanks!

Loving the dragon dynasty releases! have 4 dvd’s on the way for xmas and plan on buying another 6 in the new year… a new years resolution maybe! ha anyone else buy many of them?

ive only discovered this site and its rekindled my love for asian cinema! it better not go! i have 3 films on the way for xmas and planning on buying a further 6 in the new year!

read the link for the news:

especially dont want dd to go out of business given the titles apparently on the way!

has anyone seen 36th chamber of shaolin, king boxer or one armed swordsman yet? i got these three plus lady snowblood for christmas. classics! 36th chamber is brilliant very impressed.

I have king boxer. cool disc, nice extras