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Down and Dirty Pictures [Peter Biskind]

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Really Great Book that talks about the early days of Miramax and how indie filmmakers like QT, Soderbergh, Kevin Smith etc got off the ground

its like the sequel to EASY RIDERS RAGING BULLS

I’ve been thinking about buying this one - hasn’t it got RD on the cover?

It’s definitely worth reading - there’s a picture of RD on the cover (and a recommendation by QT about the book itself on the book - i think he likens it to pot or something!).

At some points it gets very technical about how much money a certain film makes and about the people behind the scenes (which doesn’t interest me at all) - but it’s a good book. Harvey Weinstein sounds horrible from this.

Way more interesting than Rebels on the Backlot!

doesn’t take much to convince me - i’m gonna get it lol

It’s definitely worth reading - there’s a picture of RD on the cover (and a recommendation by QT about the book itself on the book - i think he likens it to pot or something!).

He was actually talking about the first book Easy Riders, Raging Bulls. Which is also a really cool book.

Here’s the exact quote,

“Your book was so goddamn well written, I was like, I don’t want to know these things about these people, my heroes, but then I made the mistake of leaving it by my bedside table, and it was like a bag of pot, with me saying I’m not gonna smoke. But I was insatiable.” -Quentin Tarantino

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ive read parts of it and is pretty cool - i mean reading about how harvey screwed over that dick who directed ‘sixth sense’ is hilarious! rosie o’donell, who starred in the flick (‘angel’ or something), tries to get it released and says to harvey: ‘we’re all artists here’… and he just explodes ‘YOU? AN ARTIST?! YOURE JUST A FUCKIN CHAT SHOW HOST!’ or something along those lines lol

i think it was quentin who said that the book made harvey out to be a villian of ‘bondian proportions’ and kevin smith went out of his way to write an article sticking up for harvey as well. but i always expected him to be a bastard so i just find it amusing

okay first off the man’s name is M Night Shyamalan. Do you know him? If not how can you call him a “dick”. He has made some cool movies like the 6th sense, the critically underrated Unbreakable, the cool Signs and another underrated movie: The Village. Now of course this message board is going to crucify me for defending a “popcorn” director like Shyamalan and an “uncool” movie like the village but frankly i dont care. :stuck_out_tongue: I recomend this movie to everyone. ;D

I think that when people went into the village they went in trying to guess the twist. They spent the whole movie trying to guess the twist instead of allowing to be immersed in the movie’s world and enjoying the little points of the movie. The music and culture within the movie makes it beautiful. Shyamalan also builds up suspense and fear. It truly is a study about the nature of fear. A comparison the color code terror alert system is Uncanny. Village is a great film.

dont call people dicks without reason

heres a reason:

when itv in england played three of his movies over a weekend they had him introduce the flicks with him going on as if hes some kind of genius. when he was promoting the village he went on and on in interviews about how much money his movies made and how he reckons hes the king of hollywood

dick, dick, dick