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Double Dare DVD release!

Today, the DVD of DOUBLE DARE will be released (we previously reported on that, click HEREto view the other news topic)

Click here to read more about the DVD or buy it:

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The DVD features quite a lot of extras.

I had a link to a really cool interview with Zoe Bell that your readers would really like. It’s a pretty good interview and 1/2 of it is spent talking about Kill Bill and Quentin and things like that. It’s part of the DVDTalk series at I have two direct links to the MP3 file that you can give to your readers.

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Also let folks know they can check out the Double Dare trailer on our newly relaunched website

the exclusive DVD review will come soon

I just flipped through the disc a little, and I have to say that this DVD is really a must for anyone who likes a little “look behind the scenes” of stunt work. The film offers interesting insights into the work of female stunt performers and offers a lot of information on the side, such as commentaries and interviews with Spielberg and Tarantino. The film also includes several Kill Bill behind-the-scenes glimpses, too.

I’ll try to have a review of the film and DVD by next week

I finally gave this a look and was pleased. Good documentary.

And I guess this is about as close as we’ll get to see extensive behind-the-scenes footage of Kill Bill untill the SE comes out.

yeah, it just focuses on the two chicks. But also look at the extras. Nice interviews and so on. I like the DVD. Although I hate Xena :slight_smile:

[quote=“The Seb”]
I like the DVD. Although I hate Xena :slight_smile:

QT was probably bullshittin’ about loving Xena too :smiley:

naw man, QT’s a sucker for TV shows, and Americans like those ancient-looking shows, about knights and barbarians. hell, i guess he likes Conan the Barbarian or Red Sonya, too