Double acting in Tarantino's films

Hi everybody, I’m Mike from Italy.
Ever noticed (of course you have!) that in every Tarantino film there is a double acting?
I mean, the characters at a certain point act:
-in Dogs the cop plays a bank robber;
-in Pulp Jules tells Vincent, before entering the room where the kids are, “let’s get into characters”;
-in Jackie Pam Grier plays different roles with cops and criminals;
-in Kill Bill the Bride plays the perfect housewife, as Vernita does, and briefly plays the American tourist to Hattori Hanzo;
-in Death Proof the main character is an actor himself (a stunt double, alright, but he still plays);
-in Inglourious first they play German soldiers, then Italian directors;
-in Django Dr. King and Django put up an act in which the second is a slaver;
-in Eight every criminal chooses a role for himself and plays it throughout the movie.
What can the significance of this be?


That’s an interesting observation. The most obvious conclusion I can draw is that it has something to do with QT’s love of acting and the fact that he started out wanting to act and has never entirely freed himself of that bug. And appropriately, the main character of his next film is an actor as well, which seems to be a continuation in this vein.

Thanx Mystery… didn’t think about that… and thanx also for being the first replier!
I think it was a blessing for all of us that he chose to focus on direction rather than acting… had Jimmy in Pulp been played by a real actor (i.e. Willem Dafoe) it would have been a much better and funnier part! And he doesn’t give up yet… in Eight we had to hear his freaky voice!

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Still, I prefer QT’s calm voice in TH8 than him flipping out in Pulp Fiction.

shiver or QT putting up an Australian accent in Django.

was that an Australian accent? didn’t know that… i just remember his (exploding) belly! :slight_smile:

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