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'Don't be a [SQUARE]'

could anyone be so kind as to find an image in the film when uma thurman’s character, mia wallace has drawn an imaginary square on the screen?

the trouble would be much appreciated.

Another member of this forum made these sweet, kick ass, awesome pages…your square is on there 2…

thanks a lot, man.

if this thread needs to be closed now, you guys can go right ahead.

I wonder if QT’s going to have Uma do that square thing in all the movies she’s in. She did it in PF and again in KB. In KB she says, “That would be even Vernita. That’d be about square.” And she sort of makes a square with her fingers again.


I pass on grass. All the time.

Well not all the time

You mean the rectangle

[quote=“Dead Nigga Storage.”]
I pass on grass. All the time.

Well not all the time

i never do. enjoy my screen caps :slight_smile: if you will notice i did capture every frame of the square being drawn so you could make a cool gif or seomthing…

Those are awesome caps. Are you planning to do that with KBv2?

yes, eventually theyll get done. i dont really have an incentive and its a laborious task so who knows when ill do it.

I think the square detail was just absolutely fucking cool. I loved it big time. Things like that are the ones that make me love Quentin