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"Donde esta"... (a Kill Bill-Reservoir Dogs similarity)

I don’t know if anyone has picked up on this, but both in Kill Bill and Reservoir Dogs, the same audio clip is used that goes “Donde esta” (spanish for “Where is it?”); in Reservoir Dogs, it’s when Mr. Blonde first turns on the radio before he turns to K-BILLY’s Sounds of the 70’s; In Kill Bill it’s in Kill Bill Volume 1, at the very beggining of the chapter “Massacre at Two Pines”. Same exact soundbyte.

Isin’t it “Please stop”???

no. no it isn’t. I took Spanish in High School and College. I forget what stop is in Spanish (aresta?) but please is por favor.

[quote=“Jimmie Dimmick”]
Isin’t it “Please stop”???

No, remember in Pulp Fiction Butch teaches Fabienne spanish and says “Donde esta el zapataria?” which Butch says it means "Where’s the shoe shop?"

EDIT: and yeah I noticed the thing.

stop = para