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Dogs SE DVD in the UK

Anyone got any info on when the Reservoir Dogs DVD comes out in the UK?

I don’t know because the rights for the British releases are courtesy of Momentum Pictures Home Entertainment I guess.

there is a special edition available in the uk, though:

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that special edition contains the normal cheaper DVD, plus post cards and a book about QT.

The Pulp and Jackie DVDs are now out, because its Buena Vista, too (same company as in the US).

I’ve been seeing the PF and JB DVD adverts on tv a lot, but alas no RD. This pisses me off no end because I got really excited when I read about the 10th anniversary release, then found out it didn’t include the UK :’( It seems kinda wierd having tarantino stuff on tv these days… nobody talks about him anymore (apart from us lot, obviously!). I’m hoping this might be the beginning of a revival, and the public will get interested again and then they’ll have to release the new DVD! I can’t wait for all the promotional stuff for Kill Bill to start! :smiley:

dudes and dudettes, check out that post called “se dvd overview Us & Uk” i will update THAT post as soon as i know more… this topic is futile for now

still no sign of a Reservoir Dogs SE (of any sort) in the UK… I :’(

well there are these three:

Reservoir Dogs

Reservoir Dogs Limited Edition Box Set

The Tarantino DVD collection Box (5 DVDs) - Includes the normal Reservoir Dogs DVD

but nothing like the US or OZ releases unfortunately

are they ever going to release that QT boxset in the US.

it wasn’t too good, was it ;_)

but I prefer buying the stuff seperate anyways

Yeah I rather have them in singles cause for some reason I hate boxsets.

Europe gets all of the cool box sets of movies that where released in America. Go figure.

We have like a Tarantino action box set that I have seen around in stores. Except it has Pulp Fiction, Jackie Brown and True Romance… who’s stupid fucking idea was it to include True Romance instead of Reservoir Dogs… not that I would have bought it anyway seeing as I already have them, but I still find it a little bizarre…