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Dogma special thanks

does anyone know why QT gets a special thanks at the end of Dogma?

Not real sure, but I noticed one night while watching Clerks (the sillyass cartoon from the Kevin Smith movie) they repeatadly made fun of him.


“Who could be doing this?”

“Probably some loud mouth punkass.”

"Quentin Tarantino?"

Maybe its just 'cause KS and QT are friends…sounds childish I know, but ya never know.

couldn’t spot that special thanks thing…

they go back like crayons and car seats

In the special thanks, it says something to the affect of:

To all wordsmiths and people who inspire. or something like that, but he does have quite a few writers/directors in that list like spike lee, scorsease, ect. oh and the Clerks cartoon line is:


This was all started by a pop cultulre junkie loud mouth with too much time on his hands!

Various people through out the episode

Quentin Tarantino?

Which episode is that in? :’(