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Dog Eat Dog films, QT Moore, any connection?

I know that Reservoir Dogs was produced by a company called Dog Eat Dog films, is that the same as Michael Moore’s D.E.D?

according to, no.

Dog Eat Dog is just another company created only for one film, like Mighty Afrodite for Jackie Brown, or Fu Manchu for Kill Bill. Its just a copyright thing I think, or a way to fuck the IRS

[quote]according to, no.

Its just a copyright thing I think, or a way to fuck the IRS[/quote]

I hope its a way to fuck the IRS. I hate those dickheads. I havent paid taxes in over a year. Catch me if you can fuckers.

Get yourself ordained as a minister of your own religion! :wink: lol

Why you would be ordained as a minister of your own religion? you would celebrates marriages? you don’t have taxes when you are a minister? If so, you are really lucky you the americans!

I’m not American :’( sniff

Americans are lucky but I’m not sad to be not American :slight_smile:

Americans are lucky

In what way?

It looks they can express more different kind of thinking, they can start their own company more fastly, things go faster, they got values but look more tolerant…

I’m not sad not to be American apart form the fact DVD’s & Movies come out eariler than that. And i’d hate to live in a country where Bush was president, i mean christ Tony Blair as PM is bad enough. But lets not get me started on that.

Yeah, politicians and terrorists there are boring.

I don’t understand why the DVD’s & Movies come out earlier, by example most of the movies which are presented at the oscars aren’t yet come out in France, when the celebration of oscars is seen by lot of people outside America.

Yah, it’s usually the same here. It sucks ass.

i think pretty much the dvd being released earlier in the US then in the UK will end soon due to piracy

Fingers crossed, anyway.

yeah . the time between cinema release and dvd release here is already shorter i think

That is why the good lord invented China town video stores. I live in Australia and i still get Asian films before the Americans. I get it when the asians get it. Mu hahahaaha

Import stores solve most of the problems anyway. Region-free dvd players reign supreme!

[color=red]IV_PAVLUSHIH: Interesting Quentin Tarantino, will want to remove the cinema in Russia?

In Rosii in the same way, either as in film Quentin Tarantino, dead bodies, murder,blood…Only beside us all this on persisting…