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Does anyone here work for small local production companies

This is the reason I ask. I desperately want to write and direct but am several years out of High School, stuck in a dead end job, and know very little about operations of a set, and can’t afford film school. I was thinking about applying to one of our local production companies (One is basically just a local filmmaker’s company, and all the others appear to be doc. and commercial companies). It might be a long shot just to get a job as even a grunt but it’s worth the shot, right? Can anyone tell me how they generally hire(do you need college experience to start out doing menial jobs, and can you work your way up to larger jobs without one?), how is their pay (this might be tough to tell me, but I figured I can ask). Or is applying to one of these usually a dead end?

The best step forward, in my experence is to find an agent. An agent has more contacts wth production companies than you ever will.

I’m not concerned with contacts yet though. I just want some know how and experience. When I finally polish one of my scripts I’ll probably then start thinking of an agent, but right now feel that I have nothing substantial to offer in order to get one.

Listen I’am starting a new company it’s called “Run+The+Light+Productions,Inc.” and its an up and coming Movie and Music Production Company and if you are interested in it then let me know, ok?