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Does anybody speak French?

I came across this interview with Bertrand Tavernier on the web in its original French language format. The noted directors gives his opinion on a bunch of directors, including Tarantino, but I can’t make heads or tails of it. Could anybody translate it or give the gist of it? Thanks.

Tavernier: Le problème est le suivant : Walsh et Hawks étaient nourris des classiques de la littérature antique, la nouvelle génération, elle, est gavée de sous-produits, de comics, ou de films Z de la Shaw Brothers. Je ne peux pas dire que je sois foncièrement contre, puisque cette culture peut donner de grands films comme ceux de Quentin Tarantino (encore que Kill Bill me semble vide et marque les limites de ces sources d’inspiration), mais aussi beaucoup d’Å“uvres décervelées.

Here’s the entire interview: <LINK_TEXT text=“ … rtrand.htm”></LINK_TEXT>

Tavernier: The problem is as follows: Walsh and Hawks were nourished the traditional ones of the ancient literature, rising generation, it, is gavée by-products, comics, or films Z of Shaw Brothers. I cannot say that I fundamentally against, since this culture can give large films as those of Quentin Tarantino (still that Kill Bill seems to me empty and marks the limits of these sources of inspiration), but also much of ?uvres would be décervelées.

I put it that on AltaVista. It wouldn’t translate the last bit but I am sure others in here can help


Who the hell is Bertrand Tavernier? And why does he says Kill Bill seems empty? >:(

[quote=“Eastern Beauty”]
Who the hell is Bertrand Tavernier? And why does he says Kill Bill seems empty? >:(

Bertrand Tarvernier is a French director, he doesn’t do much anymore but he used to. He played a major role at the begining of the 90s to protect French and european cinema from US invasion (old fears)