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Do You Think Quentin Should Ever Remake True Romance and Natural Born Killers?

in my opinion?



eh maybe do one in about 8 years or earlier?

I think he should do IBastards,Then Perhaps Another Film, Then Natural Born Killers, Then another film, then True Romance.

True Romance? Definitely doesn’t need to be remade. It’s awesome the way it is

Natural Born Killers? eh, don’t really care too much

why on earth would he want to remake true romance??? and why would he want to remake nbk?? this is a ridiculously random topic, lol

Nope and nope. I would have liked to see him make them the first go 'round but he didn’t and the rest is now history. I like both movies BTW.

You got owned, Sean!

I don’t think any artist wants to do something over again. Oh wait a minute, well unless he adds Jar Jar Binks and a CGI Drexl Spivey that is.

I’d like him to remake NBK with his script… but he never will so it doesn’t matter.

no just leave them the way they are they were not bad films.

i agree, leave them how they are. TR was amazing as it was.

[quote=“KILL BILL vol.3”]
i agree, leave them how they are. TR was amazing as it was.

yea it was.

Anyone want to see Clarence and Alabama go to Cancun?

Ive been joking about this for awhile now but what do you think the story would be about? How Elvis grew up and met BB?

No, but I would like to see a “writers cut” of TR. I made my own and it works pretty well.