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Do all versions of Takeshi Kitanos Zatoichi have Sonatine in them?

Because I found a copy of the DVD in HMV which doesn’t have Sonatine on the cover… So I ordered from the version with both movies… However i looked for a version which only has Zatoichi in but couldn’t find one… So now Im afraid that all versions of Zatoichi have Sonatine in them… This way Id be wasting time by ordering it from amazon when I just could pick it up any day from HMV…

US versions, yes. Miramax idiots don’t think people would pay for an old yakuza film starring Kitano, so they pack it together with Zatoichi.

I’m not 100% sure but it’s possible there once was a R1 stand alone release for Sonatine, but it’s now out of print. Zatoichi was only released in a double pack. Pisses me off too because I had to pay for their color corrected Zatoichi disc when I only wanted Sonatine. The Canadian disc is sold without Sonatine I think, but it’s the same transfer.

The best version for both films would be:

Zatoichi: 1) Bandai R2J, 2) Artificial Eye UK

Sonatine: Miramax, Bandai R2J and the Korean release: tie (everything else should be avoided)

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(note: dvdbeaver comparisons are a bit less than reliable, especially in case of Kitano films)

Yeah the Canadian disk I found in HMV only has Zatoichi… However the one I ordered from which is also Canadian has Sonatine in it! So now Im thinkin that the one I found in HMV might also have Sonatine in it eventhough it’s not shown on the cover! Now I own all Kim Ki Duk, Kitano, Miike and Park available on R1. Im waiting for Zatoichi/Sonatine and A Scene at the Sea to be shipped so I’d complete my collection. Im gonna post a picture of my collection of favourite directors DVDs soon when I complete it.