Django's Structure

Spoilers below, obvs. Please see the film first.

With that said, Django Unchained’s structure is noteworthy, I think. First off, as been said a few times already, it’s certainly Quentin’s most linear film (chronologically speaking), barring a few flashbacks/flashforwards. No chapter marks this time either.

I like his use of flashbacks/flashforwards and have first noticed them in Jackie Brown, when I believe Jackie was telling Max about her plan to meet up with Ray, then we jump forward to that scene of her meeting with Ray, then we jump back to Jackie and Max talking about it. First time I was aware of the flash forward narrative trick, and years before LOST. I’m sure it’s been done before but I find it most memorable or noteworthy, in Jackie Brown and Django. Actually, if anyone knows of any other times it’s been used, pre-Jackie Brown, let me know!

But barring those short flash backs/forwards, yeah, it’s pretty chronologically linear.

With that out of the way, It’s kind of structurally two stories, for me. First, there’s basically a Django origin story. Rising up from slave to bounty hunter. Then there’s the story, which ends up being Django and Doc Schultz’s most important (and final) collaboration.

Like most good movies, it left me wanting more, in this case I want more stories of Django and Doc Schultz riding together, collecting bounties, etc…

I felt this way after Basterds too, where I want more sequels/prequels that take place between the movie’s start and end points. Midquels if you will. And once again, I feel the same way with Django, like if there was an HBO series that took place between the two stories in the film, I’d be all over it. Django and Doc Schultz.

I’ve got more to say about this. I’ve seen the flick 4x already and plan on seeing it theatrically a few more. Quentin’s movies somehow get better with multiple viewings, including Django, so this’ll be no chore or anything. Sadly I missed last night’s 8pm screening at the Bev but plan on seeing it there for sure at some point, on glorious 35.

4x? damn you’re more of a fan than even me. if I wasn’t dirt poor I would see it that many times as well. I was treated to it on Christmas Day and plan to see it a second time at a theater that has discounts on Tuesdays this coming Tuesday. Anyways I’m starting to ramble on topic:

I would go so far as to say Tarantino could’ve pulled a Kill Bill and split DU up into two films. I would not be that disappointed if he did that, because I’ve heard there is a lot that got cut out due to time restraints, rather than taking away from the film’s quality. Part 1 would end with the campfire scene where Shultz explains the story of Broomhilda, and pick back up with the montage showing them riding horses throughout various countryside.

It only took 20 years for Quentin to make a linear film like everyone else. I really don’t mind chapters and I hope he uses them again but this was a nice change.

I gotta say, I love the straightforward campfire tale style (or should that be over the top middle school cafeteria tale style?) linear, no fat, rush of this movie’s narrative. It might be my favorite by this filmmaker so far. I really have the urge to see it again and enjoy that universe… its been a long long time since that happened.