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Director's Label DVD's

Technically these aren’t movies, but there’s no better category for this.

Anyways, I bought the Director’s Label: The Work of Spike Jonze, and am really pleased with it, and am thinking of buying The Work of Michel Gondry. Anyone seen this?

If so is it worth buying?

is there a website for those? from which company are they? what other director’s are available as documentary?

I haven’t seen the DVD but it’s worth checking it out cause

the beastie boy’s ‘sabotage’ video. Best music video made!

[quote]is there a website for those? from which company are they? what other director’s are available as documentary?[/quote]

They’re from Palm Pictures and the website is The only ones they have released so far are The Works of Spike Jonze, Michel Gondry and Chris Cunningham. I have the Spike Jonze one and it has 18 music videos with commentaries and interviews from most of the artists, 3 documentaries, (each about 30 minutes in length) two short films, a couple rarities, and a 52 page booklet. It’s a pretty awesome collector’s thing if you’re a Spike Jonze fan like myself. Michel Gondry’s looks awesome also.

I think they should do a David Fincher one, with all his videos and commercials. I keep frogetting to pick up the Spike Jonze one, sounds awsome. I love that wax video he did for southern california, with the guy running on fire, that kicks ass.

I got the Spike Jonze one too.

“Da Funk” Buddy Holly" “Drop” “Weapon of Choice” “Feel the pain” … I love all those videos.

Some good bonus stuff too. Like that “Torrance” dance group goin to the MTV awards. Comic shit. And there’s an interview with Fatlip that I never get sick of listening to.

I was thinking about getting the Cunningham one cuz I love the Aphex Twins videos, But Badmotherfucker’s got it and says it sucks. I’ll take his word.

Yeah I’ve heard the Cunningham ones not that good.  There’s not really that much stuff on it like the other two.  Most of the artists he does videos for are pretty shitty. Those Aphex Twin videos are fuckin awesome though…

Oh ya and I think that they will be putting out a David Fincher one eventually, not positive.