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Dimension Extreme

This label seems to carry some very interesting titles which might be right up my alley, and I do not own any of their stuff yet. Any recommendations? These movies in particular look really cool -

Inside at least is worth seeing. Many compared it to Haute Tension, and while I didn’t find it as masterful it’s indeed a very stylish and extremely bloody thriller.

I thought Teeth sucked. It just tries way too hard in my opinion. I didn’t see the other ones. But Hell Ride is a Dimension Extreme dvd, and that is good.

Inside is pretty great, brutal flick and featuring a ton of tension. Welcome to the Jungle, I actually enjoyed but a lot of folks don’t. My friend Mike Bracken was particularly hard on it, but I enjoyed it for what it is - a take on the cannibal subgenre set in the modern age using the Cannibal Holocaust/Blair Witch technique. Haven’t seen Teeth yet, but I agree that Dimension Extreme has been pretty good for horror recently. Lionsgate and the new Ghost House Underground lineup seems pretty promising too (I hear Dance of the Dead is great). There might be quite a few that suck, but it’s worth it if we get a couple of classics out of the deal.

“Welcome to the Jungle” is a f*****g waste of time!

I think I’ll pick up Inside pretty soon, then. The pants and the Hung rarely miss. :wink:

“Welcome to the Jungle” is a f*****g waste of time!
[/quote]So you’re saying… you didn’t like it? ;D

I find myself intrigued as to why I enjoyed it the way I did, since I’ve seen so many who didn’t. Is it the constant bickering of the characters that annoyed you?

Is it the constant bickering of the characters that annoyed you?
[/quote]You’re so right! I hated it!

And of course, for an cannibal movie, I expected much more gore scenes!

I correct myself: I expected gore scenes! (Because there weren’t any!)

There’s also this Asian movie called “Nightmare Detective” which got pretty good reviews from what I’ve read. Perhaps Hung Fist has seen it…

I haven’t seen it. From what I’ve heard it’s a step towards mainstream from Tsukamoto, which makes me wonder what’s it doing in Dimension Extreme series? Perhaps I heard wrong.