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Did you guys notice

Why there wasn’t any dirty gritty quality during the death proof footage on the new trailer?


there is enough scratches and dirt to make this film look like somebody had sex on it. arguably, the decay is less visible in the grind house part of the trailer, but then again, QT didn’t shoot digital and robert might have laid the stuff on a little too thick, or it’s not finalized on QT’s part… you never know

That’s true, I just don’t hope one movie is chrystal clear and one grindhousey, ya know?

I think we’re in good hands…

yeah get the HD version, you’ll see how old the print looks

Having them both look the same would not have been good either. I did notice a few bad spots in the hi def version of DP. Like little hairs and such. I think more will be added in post production for sure.

Death Proof does get much cleaner a few reels in, to the point where it looks like a pristine print. Which is fine. That must be the moment where the original audiences kept getting up and leaving, causing the projectionist to turn off the projector, thus leaving the subsequent reels in better shape.