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Delta Farce Cook

If you read the Delta Farce credits closely it says Cook Robert Rodriguez

There’s alot of Robert Rodriguez’es out there.

yea lol there has to be at least 3 of them in my high school lol Rodriguez is such a common Mexican/Spanish name.

Thats a good point but I’ve seen on the Planet Terror credits it says Cook Robert Rodriguez, and he does have a 10-minute cooking school on some of his dvds, so it coukd be him or someone else or maybe a imposter!!! :slight_smile:

I just checked on IMDB, there is no record of him having anything or credited with anything for that film.

Do you really think IMDB would have something as minesucle as Cook, I don’t know maybe, all I know is that its on the credits. Check for yourself.

There’s a kid in my school thats named Roberto Rodriguez but he looks like a young Danny Trejo, not as scary lookin’ though.

Why the fuck would Robert Rodriguez work as a cook?

Why the fuck would Robert Rodriguez be in Delta Farce?

Seriously. We always had the preview playing at work, and it looked so goddamn stupid.

Its actually a very good movie. Hey Robert likes to cook. you couldn’t figure that out by now? I mean he does the 10 minute cooking school, he the cook in his own movies to you know.