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Definitely Quentin's worst


After all these years and 5 other QT movies, it surprises me that QT fans and film fans in general still list Reservoir Dogs as their 2nd or Nr.1 favourite Tarantino movie.

Why „after all these years“?

There is a lot of young blood out there, many still in puberty, who dig Reservoir Dogs . Those immature individuals love Mr. Blonde, they think he’s supercool and badass. I think so too, but I can also dig Robert Forster as Max Cherry, usually immature puberty-riddled people don’t like him. This is just an example, overall Jackie Brown isn’t as flashy as RD. So I thought, when young QT lovers grow up, they would mature and maybe prefer other QT movies over RD. But still, RD is a fan favourite.

Why „after 5 other movies“

DONT GET ME WRONG, I love the movie very much. Quentin’s worst is still freakin awesome, no doubt. But it IS his worst, imho. Is nostalgia partly responsible for the high praise? I’ve watchd it again recently and Quentin really improved on every level. Dialogue, story, characters, directing, cinematography, etc. etc. For me, Reservoir Dogs is but a glimpse of the genius that was yet to come.

This is a QT forum with many of his fans, so please tell me what makes you rate RD over the other QT masterpieces.

my order of favourite QT movies goes like this:

  1. Kill Bill Vol.2 (Nr.1 fav. Movie of all time)
  2. Kill Bill Vol.1 (Nr.2 fav. MoaT)
  3. Jackie Brown (Nr. 7 fav. MoaT)
  4. Death Proof EU cut(Nr. 8 fav. MoaT)
  5. Pulp Fiction (Nr.9 fav. MoaT)
  6. Reservoir Dogs (Nr. 26 fav. MoaT)


Death proof over pulp and reservoir dogs??? The writing and directing is weaker here compared to his other films.

And the reason i rate it over his other films is because of this reason, yes Pulp Fiction, Jackie Brown, Kill Bill vol 1, 2 are “better” Films, but reservoir dogs just holds a special place with me. REservoir Dogs is my “favorite” but his best is pulp fiction. Plus i have stopped classifying films as 1-10 favorite films exc. for the reason that films are good in there own genre, to say my favorite film in this genre is much better, than saying for example dawn of the dead is better than clerks. Why? because i like horror better. it shouldn’t be classified at all IMO, just like i am against AFI top 100 movies and all the other lists they are pointless, unless done in genres.


RD is my least favorite QT movie, too. :-[


I’m glad you make a difference between “is good” and “I like” Jip, because so do I. Pulp Fiction is probably his best movie, but not my favourite.

… but reservoir dogs just holds a special place with me.

there we go, that’s called nostalgia.


RD is my least favorite QT movie, too. :-[

Most women in general don’t like Reservoir Dogs.


After all these years and 5 other QT movies,


Dude, QT has only made 5 films.

My order of greatness:

  1. Pulp Fiction
  2. Kill Bill
  3. Jackie Brown
  4. Reservoir Dogs
  5. Death Proof

    (though they are all really close together).

    My Favourites:

  6. Death Proof
  7. Kill Bill
  8. Jackie Brown
  9. Pulp Fiction
  10. Reservoir Dogs


Dude, QT has only made 5 films

Kill Bill was 2 films and that´s a fact.


I don’t know what Qt’s worst is, but my least favorite is Death Proof. The reason why Reservoir Dogs is my second (although it is very close to first) favorite QT film is because it has the best dialog, IMO. Jackie Brown (QT’s best) is my third favorite and Kill Bill is fourth. All though I love each of his films.


After watching Death Proof I think that it may be my favorite Tarantino movie but I have to re-watch it to be sure. Anyway there are…

My Favorites:

  1. Reservoir Dogs
  2. Death Proof
  3. Kill Bill Vol1
  4. Pulp Fiction
  5. Kill Bill Vol.2

    *Haven’t seen Jackie Brown yet :stuck_out_tongue:


Kill Bill was 2 films and that´s a fact.

A fact? Please elaborate.

Kill Bill was always one film. It was just broken up into two parts (volumes) and released seperately. If Volume 2 was it’s own film, why does it have the credits of Volume 1 in there? When Volume 1 was released, reviewers such as Empire acknowledged that you can’t really review Kill Bill until Volume 2 was out.


Dogs is my fave QT movie because i’m a huge fan of the heist genre and the dialogue is simply dynamite. I think it remains his best and while he has other movies that are more ambitious…ive never been more entertained…its my 2nd favourite movie of all time.

Havent seen Death Proof yet due to the fact that it aint released over here yet but i hope its an improvement on killbill vol 2. As i’ve said before upon rewatching it, it becomes boring and self indulgent in its last chapter…the dialogue really kind of sucked as well.

Jackie Brown is one of the most underrated films of the last ten years and is probably the qt film that i watch most often, its five star perfection. His best script is true romance though!!!

  1. Reservoir Dogs
  2. Pulp Fiction
  3. Kill Bill Vol. 1
  4. Jackie Brown
  5. Kill Bill Vol. 2

    (havent seen death proof yet)



there we go, that’s called nostalgia.

not at all! I agree with jjp. I always have a weak spot for the film that made me discover a filmmaker that I happen to love. So yes, RD is also special for me and so is After Hours, which is the film I discovered Scorsese with or Shining, which is the film i discovered Kubrick with, etc.


Well my least favorite is Jackie Brown of course.


“How many Dicks is that?”


Shit, if you can’t dig RD’s and give it the props it deserves and further more give DP high praise above even PF, the best film of all time BTW, you should put down the pipe, get closer to God, slam your wenis in a car door and shoot your TV Elvis style. I cant make it more clear, DP will NEVER be held in as high regaurd as PF or even RD’s! Nor was it meant too. Thats an insult to QT! End of subject, class dismissed


knoxville, i made a FAVOURITE list, not a “best of” list. PF may be better than DP, i think it is…and of course DP will never EVER be held in such high regards as PF, but that don´t mean i can´t like DP more than PF.

like i prefer Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles over The Third Man, even though the latter is the way better movie.


Well my least favorite is Jackie Brown of course.

Why “of course”?


Why “of course”?

Probably cause it’s only 50% QT. I love it anyway.


[quote=“Bad Max”]
Probably cause it’s only 50% QT. I love it anyway.

why 50%??


How can you say Dogs is his worst film? To me all his films are on the same level simply because I dont look at them as better or worse, just different. Everytime I watch Dogs I see a great debut film filled with energy and excitement. Its a special movie and its a strong one. Worst film? Bullshit on that.

Is this still the QT Fan forum? I’m confused. ???


why 50%??

It was adapted from Elmore Leonard’s novel.