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Defective Jackie Brown DVD Recall

Buena Vista Home Entertainment is offering replacements for the defective first run of “Jackie Brown: Collector’s Edition” DVD’s. While the movie itself is free of defects, the “enhanced trivia track” (or text commentary) on the first run of disks becomes out-of-sync at approximately 1:01:16 in the movie. After this point, all information in the trivia track appears approximately 52 seconds before the corresponding on-screen visual. You must call 1-800-477-2811 and give them your mailing address, DVD player model number and some serial numbers from the disc. Buena Vista will send you a pre-paid mailing label, and you should recieve your replacement within two weeks.

good info, thanks. :slight_smile:

they should make that with our hated ResDogs SE dvds, too, give us a replacement with GOOD picture quality and NO full-screen etc… >:(

Been hearin bout the green tint or bad RD SE film transfer but honestly i didnt notice it. It looked good to me anyway.

what does “good” mean?

did you watch the excellent picture quality of the old DVD? the colors and all was so good.

Can someone finally post some screenshot comparisons?? I have seen a screenshot comparison that made me sick

Good, meaning that I didn’t notice any problems. I’ve only watched it ounce but everything looked proper to me.

In typical Tarantino form, “Jackie Brown” is a deep, non-linear story that unwraps through a series of smaller stories that weave together and eventually come full circle in the closing moments of the film. The dialogue is just as convincing and entertaining as “Pulp Fiction” and “Reservoir Dogs” and the characters are every bit as entertaining. One difference that sets “Jackie Brown” apart from the two previous films was that the story was adapted from a novel, in this case Elmore Leonard´s Rum Punch. Additionally, “Jackie Brown” was intended from the start to be a starring piece for Pam Grier, an actress always adored by Tarantino. With Grier in mind and Leonard´s critically acclaimed novel in hand, Tarantino created an adapted screenplay that was every bit his story, yet still remained faithful to the story it evolved from.