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DEATH WISH 3 - The most awesome movies ever: part 4

I should be working for university right now, but instead I made this:

Bronson cleans up New York.

(watch in HQ!)

It’s MOTHERFUCKING CHARLES BRONSON! Guy loves his chicken too ;D Awesome work man, as per usual!

haha awesome!!! that’s the one I saw as a teenager!

Haha! I’ve never seen this one, but I’m going to put it on my netflix right now! Awesome job Kenneth! ;D ;D ;D

it’s the first i’ve ever seen…

I’d still rather be the penis in a Brianna Banks movie. :-</E>

it’s the first i’ve ever seen…

You should check out the first one (from 1974), it’s the one that is actually “good”, by most people’s definition. It’s the one that critics respected.

yeah I own the first one on DVD. I’m just saying the 3rd was the first I’d seen

Death Wish 3 is the best DW film in the series. Nothing like seeing Bronson take down a cheesy 80s street gang.