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Death Sentence (2007)

From wikipedia: Death Sentence is a 2007 based on a loose adaptation of Brian Garfield’s 1975 novel. The film is directed by Saw director James Wan, and stars Kevin Bacon as Nick Hume, a man who becomes a rogue vigilante after his son is murdered by a gang during a robbery.

Trailer on website

Nice poster :smiley:

It looks like he’s trying to jerk off an iced baseball bat?

No wonder it was written by the same guy who wrote Death Wish. It has almost the same fucking plot!

I’m there.

I can’t stand Kevin Bacon.

I wanna see this. Don’t really like Bacon either but it’s James Wan.

“Revenge is best served with Bacon.” lol…

[quote=“Jack Rabbit Slim”]
“Revenge is best served with Bacon.” lol…

;D ;D ;D

Kevin Bacon eghhhhh!

Haha, did you know this: No wonder, he’s always playing some small role in films full of great actors

Im looking forward to this one. I love revenge films and I like both Bacon and Wan. The trailer looks good!

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Nice 8)

I think this movie is gonna be a blast, glad to see revenge movies are coming back.

The Brave One and Death Sentence. Revenge films are always fun.

… this is what I expected Death Wish to be, cool, blood and guns and all of that great stuff. It feels a lot like Death Wish but only better. The music is great and fits in the film, Charlie Clouser is great. Kevin Bacon, love him or hate him, he was fucking great in Death Sentence, at first I thought I wouldn’t like the film because he was in it but he was really good. James Wan mixes John Woo/Martin Scorsese/Chan Wook Park and it works really well. I’d have to say John Woo influenced him the most, there is some slow motion, (spoiler warning!) at the end of the film he sits down on his couch bleeding just like in A Better Tomorrow II (end of spoiler!) and even ends with a freeze frame. The cinematography is good, I think Wan tried a little too hard in Dead Silence but it is great in Death Sentence. There are some great shots. What I really liked was the chsae scene through the alley, a building and a parking garage. Great stuff.

Sounds good. I’ll see it. I like Kevin Bacon too, great actor.

Yeah I’ve always thought of Bacon as an great actor

loved death wish and im gonna watch it but since i dont like k bacon

(and since he in no way is gonna equal Bronson) it ´ll be cool but far from awesome.

You’ll be surprised.

Kevin Bacon…isn’t that bad, seriously. He hasn’t made the best movies in the world, but I don’t see why anyone would hate him.

I passed on this one, but after reading some of the posts, I might actually see it.