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Death Proof Too

The follow up to Quentin Tarantino’s Death Proof

Dimension Pictures logo fades up on screen.



We cut to a shot of a mysterious figure in a garage, building something. His hands are all greasy. We see diff metal parts being welded to something. We see him open a can of Pabst Blue Ribbon. It foams all over the place and offscreen, we hear him slurping it down. In frame, He puts the can down. We then hear a loud belch.

A wet looking dirty cat watches.

After this montage a garage door opens and we see the dark figure shut off the lights.

We see him standing still in full profile. We cut to his hair its a huge greasy pompadour. We see he has a big beer belly. He is bow legged. We close up on his ear and see an earring w/ symbol of a skull with lightning bolts.

The garage door slowly closes behind him. The wet cat sits next to him, its tail wagging back n forth.

As the garage door closes down, the cats tail gets caught under the door. The cat screeches. Some junk falls down.

The man swears: Goddamnit Rufus!!!


"Death Proof Too"



We see a pair of hands bandaging a cats tail. Its a messy wrapping job.

We then see a full on shot of a guy who looks like the dirtiest hillbilly this side of hell. His hair is greasy from too much pomade, hes got a huge beer belly, he wears old cowboy boots, hes got a 2 day old beard.

We cut to different photos of him when he was younger. Various shots of him with character actors from Hollywood like LQ Jones, Strother Martin.

The last photo is him standing with a guy who looks a bit like him, more handsome, not so fat.

We see a trophy. Its a Stuntman’s Award for work he did on the 1980 film The Stunt Man. The award plaque reads:

The National Association of Stuntmen’s Award


The Stunt Man

We hear a familiar whistling tune and see the man we know as Bob McKay shining up a hood ornament. Its an angry looking duck flexing, smoking a cigar. The ornament is pretty dented up, but it retains its shine.

He spits his Skoal tobacco into a tin can just missing the dirty cat he bandaged up.

Pretty cool.

Stuntman Bob looks at a newspaper clipping on his garage door. It reads:


From The Lebanon Sentinel, August, 2004

Michael B. McKay known to his colleagues and friends as “Stuntman Mike” was not a real stuntman at all. Warren Dimmick, owner of The Texas Chili Parlor in Austin, Texas told authorities that McKay had everyone in the Austin area fooled. “He showed me a few episodes of some TV shows he claimed he worked on…but hey, I dont watch TV much, Im no expert, so I never knew for sure if it was actually him. Mike was a bit of a loner, he was sort of out of place even in Austin. He was different. But I always loved talking to him about movies and TV.”

McKay had been in another tragic car accident several months before his death in the recent car crash. A group of girls from the Austin area hit his vehicle head on. The girls died from injuries, but McKay miraculously survived since he had been riding in his customized stunt vehicle. Dimmick continues: "Yeah, he gave me a ride in it one time, we had a blast. I guess it was his hobby to get old 70s muscle cars and fix them up. He said he had a real fear of car crashes, so he made them “Death Proof”. That day, luckily for me, he didnt crash it to prove his point."

After his recuperation from injuries, McKay decided to move to his relatives home in Lebanon, Tennesee to pursue a new career. While driving home from work this past weekend, McKay got into a car wreck after drinking too much. His car flipped several times on a country road. Three women working in the Lebanon area on a Hollywood film tried to help McKay, but he quickly died from injuries sustained in the accident including a cracked skull.

As previously stated, McKay was never a Stunt man, although his older brother Bob McKay was a well known stuntman who tried to get his younger brother into the union. After a rape conviction in 1980, the younger McKay was shunned by Hollywood studios. His last known job was as an auto mechanic at a gas station in Lebanon, Tennesee.

McKay is survived by his brother Bob McKay, a resident of Los Angeles, California.

I liked the latest part. Warren Dimmick haha

keep it going!

Ya know I wanted to make this a parody like the other ones, so Ill have to get rid of any serious scenes/info. That newspaper article thing will have to go.

Also this whole concept makes no sense. Having Stuntman Bob try to get revenge for Mike. He never knew what really happened. Plus he is a well respected Stuntman. Hes not gonna go kill 3 fellow stuntwomen.

This will have to be a new guy who kills people with his car. It should be less talking, more crashing/action but done in a funny way.

REDO!! :slight_smile: