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Death Proof reference thread

How can there not be a references thread yet?

The Movies VANISHING POINT and DIRTY, MARY CRAZY LARRY are mentioned by both Mike and the Gang.

Kim mentions some other movie, White something. Can you help me out?

The hood ornament, the duck, is from the movie CONVOY

The show “The Virginian” is mentioned by Mike.

GONE IN 60 SECONDS is mentioned by Kim

SCARY MOVIE 4. Mike crashed through a billboard that advertises the movie.

“Acuna Burger” fake brand: Remember the Acuna Boys? Beatrix Kiddo mentioned them in KB Vol.2, they are the fatherless offspring of Esteban Vihaio’s whores. Esteban ruled the Acuna Boys. The Acuna boys ruled Acuna, Mexico. Seems like those guys have their own Burger joint if not chain! Haha, I loved it. Pretty sure I was the only one in the audience who catched that.

But half the audience seemed to be familiar with Kill Bill, as they chuckled/laughed when the “Twisted Nerve” melody rang from a cell phone.

The fake Brand “Big Kahuna Burger” is mentioned by Mike.

There were at least 2 Burt Reynolds related references in Death Proof:

  1. “Smokey and the Bandit”. Kurt Russel looks into the camera and smiles after watching the girls, just like The Bandit himself did after outrunning the police early in the movie.

  2. “Hooper”. Burt Reynolds is the famous stuntman Hooper in the film of the same name. Texas Ranger Earl McGraw says something to his son in the hospital talking about Stuntman Mike, "this Hooper in there"

    Now QT is a Burt Reynolds fan. He special thanked him in the credits of Kill Bill Vol.2, he is a big fan of Cannonball Run and in TRUE ROMANCE, Alabama says her favourite actor is B.R.

    On the back of the Gangs Yellow/black car that they park in front of the store it says "Pussy Wagon"

    There are of course loads of others, these are just the ones I remember.


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