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Death Proof on XM

Well, since this is my first QT based thread, and since Death Proof is the reason I’m here, I’ll introduced myself.

Hi, my name is Michael, I’m 16, and I’m a Christian. I’m a huge movie buff, and an even bigger car fanatic. I’m pretty varied in what I like, it be films or cars, I’m into everything.

Anyway, my dad and I were cruising around today to go pick up some food from a pizzeria. So I start browsing the rock stations on XM so I can call and request “Hold Tight” (Keep in mind, I was wearing a Death Proof shirt at the time, even) So I’m browsing through, then I find Death Proof on Cinemagic! and I hear the famous quote “But you really gotta be in my seat” then “Hold Tight” actually starts playing!

I was so excited, it was pretty cool. Then after that QT got on and started talking about the 5th track on the soundtrack by T.Rex, but before the track ended I arrived at home.

Did anyone else hear this on XM, and can they tell me about it? did they play the whole soundtrack, and how many soundbites from the movie did they have, and are they gonna replay it?

Sorry for ranting there, anyway. Discuss.

that’s pretty cool!