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Death Proof & Kung-Fu movies

We all know hoe Quentin payed tribute to Kung-Fu movies in his film Kill Bill but i just realized that there is a little homage in Death Proof as well.

Just when the girls has defeted Stuntman Mike, the film ends with “The End” and score from Dragon’s Claws. Know, In Clan of the White Lotus the film ends in a simular way, the image frezes and “The End” pops up. In Dragon’s Claws the movie ends directly after the villan has died, and a title card reading the end fills the screen. Also the music played is the same as in Death Proof when the “the end” title card pops up.

This is just me noticeing something. Are there more Kung-Fu films that ends that way? I have just started to watch these old Shaw Bros. flicks, and Clan of the White Lotus made my top favourite Kung-Fu flick of all time.

Clan of the White Lotus

Dragon’s Claws ending