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Death Proof Gals

who gave the best performance out of the 8 girls in death proof, mine go as following (best to least best)

Vanessa Ferlito - gave the most natural performance

Sydney Poitier - owned it

Zoe Bell - charmed to pieces by her

Rosario Dawson - sexy and cool as fuck

Tracie Thoms - hilarious

Jordan Ladd - funny, wanted to see more

Mary Elizabeth Winstead - a’ight

Rose McGowan - annoying if i’m honest ( specially when Ferlito gives the lapdance, she tries to act cool on the stool but looks like a tool)

over all the first half were the most naturalistic, however after the second group dumped Lee - Kim, Zoe and Abernathy stole the movie and became the ultimate trio.


Pam is REALLY annoying. Deserved to die. How i’m cruel. lol

Me likes Mary Elisabeth Winstead. Shes awesome. (Has a pic of her with little pussy wagon as desktop)

Why Vanessa? She did such a great work!

i’m saying vanessa was the best thing in it and rose was the least best.

From an objective point of view, I loved Tracie and Rosario’s characters.

But Mary Elizabeth Winstead…I love everything about that woman in everything she does, so of course she’s the main reason I watch this over and over. :wink: