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Death Proof filming in Austin, Tx for next 6 weeks then Sin City 2 in early 2007

Quentin was out w/ cast and crew at a undisclosed Location the “last stop in austin for the 2 step” if your from austin you can figure it out.

I have a friend on the crew, here is the scoop. Kurt Russel is the Bad Guy, and the rest of the cast is made up of HOTTIES! A newcomer(rumored to be Umas Stunt Double) is playing the lead. And if I’m not mistaken Daughter of Mr Tibbs, Syndney. It’s homage heaven like always(1971-2) is the year in question. Think Vanishing Point/R.Corman B movie. 2 cars that are pure muscle(all originals) and of course Blood. Quentin does know how to party though, he can breath in Austin<TX w/o having to worry about being noticed, and he treats his cast&crew(local&imported) to 2 parties a week FRI and SAT. look for updates next week- They are doing the HUGE CRASH scene on Monday

you didnt hear it from me


well some of the information has been confirmed. The “newcomer” is Zoe Bell… although she’s not really a newcomer, just to really acting. And Sydney Tamiia Poitier has also been confirmed as a cast member. thanks for the info though. i hope your friend who is a crew member is nice and isn’t mean to hardcore fans who like to gawk at the set. :stuck_out_tongue:

[quote=“wandara”]Kurt Russel is the Bad Guy, and the rest of the cast is made up of HOTTIES!

eh…sounds pretty low brow. only one leading man, ey? that’s a shame, i guess.

and this huge crash scene better be good.

i sent u a pm but u didnt respond. where is the big crash scene being filmed at? how cool would that be to see in person

Sounds awesome!

Its an homage to BOND (Roger moore) in Thailand w/ slim pickens - The car does a barrel roll and lands right side up - THey already shot it once but they are doing it again.

you didnt hear it from me


Scratch that- Ut wasn’t slim pickens, but it was a cameo of the sheriff from a previous Bond - Any ways the scene is being shot at Austin Film Studios -