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Death Proof car?

Anybody know or have any guesses/ wish list for what kind of car the killer is going to use in Death Proof? I imagine it’ll be something iconic and cool like a Caddy or Malibu, but maybe it’ll just be something plain like the famous white Honda. Although some 4 cylinder fart-piped little commuter car like a Honda wouldn’t be great for killing people with, hit one fat guy and you’re gonna fuck up the suspension. Then again, a Cadillac would be a real gas guzzler, hate to go and kill someone with your car and then have to stop at the A&P to fill up a mile down the road with cops on your tail. Any thoughts?

maybe a Buick (Stephen King’s book is called)

I hope it’s gonna be an old American car like a Ford Mustang.

i heard from a very reliable source it’s a Tucker Torpedo

The best car. I’d watch every movie with it, this is great, I think I’m gonna buy a car like this and use it forever, Soviet cars, ahh.

It comes uncomplete with stolen wipers, glass and broken tail lights sold on the black market for vodka yay. ;D

Don’t forget the dead rat stuffed in the exhaust.

If QT makes a movie called DeathProof you should expect some badass car that wont crumple when it takes somebody out. Itll probably be some 70s car that QT loves. Maybe a muscle car with a special steel grill on the front to keep the driver “death proof”.

i think we all know it’s gonna be a brand he invented himself, and a custom made car probably

What makes everyone so sure that there is even going to be a car?

What makes everyone so sure that there is even going to be a car?

maybe because the story involves a car that kills…

No, I mean like an actual brand car

The film is a slasher movie with a killer who uses a car instead of a knife or other handheld weapon. The brand of car it is is unknown, we are just giving ideas on what it may be. It could be any brand of car foreign or domestic but with QTs own added touches like the Pussy Wagon.

Haha, yeah thats what I mean it’ll prob be a car like the pussy wagon

"The Death Wagon"

sounds cool as shit

Everyone go out and get a copy of the '77 film “The Car” The trailer is a grindhouse favorite.

[color=red]Forget about “Christine”, THIS is the ultimate killer car movie!

  • Also a CBS TV movie called “Wheels of Death” aka “Death Car On The Freeway” ('79) directed by Hal Needham, stuntman turned director of “Smokey and the Bandit” “Hooper” and “Cannonball Run” fame, as well as countless other great action 7o’s stuff.

Christine is way better than The Car, trust me

I was kinda thinking a '73 Pontiac Grand Prix, or some type of Caddillac hearse would be a great murder car.

59 lincoln

or of course a 73 delta :wink:

You guys are so fuckin stupid! He’s obviously using this: