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Dawn of the Dead - Ultimate Edition

also, check here for info, very cool:

I ordered it through and i cant wait to get my hands on it

US. theatrical version (=direcors Cut) this is the way Romero wanted the movie to be

Extended version

European version

plus disc with lotsa extras.

does anybody have it?

Yup I got it. Sweet package. Definetly one of the best DVD releases of the year (If not, ever)

I’ve already gone through the special features disc. “Document of the Dead” was pretty weak, but “Dead will walk” was brilliant.

I might check out the actor’s commentary on disc 3 tonight.

damn, i just bought the theatrical version a week ago, should of shaved up and bought this

i cant wait til i buy this awsome box if it come to sweden if it doenst come to the stores then il order it :wink:

yesterday i got this in the mail along with Zombi 2 and Totall recall collectors tin.

This DVD is indeed a must own.

i got this a real long time ago great set and greeat movie im about to actually go back and see if there is any additional commentaries on the dvd other than the romero, savin exc. one.

Of the 3 versions, I perfer the extended cut. But the only thing I don’t like about it is the use of stock music during the apartment raids and re-fueling sequences. It makes the movie look more dated than it really is.

One other nitpick, the actors commentary should’ve been on the extended cut. There were many occasions when the actors were gleefully waiting to comment on some famous scenes…Only to find out that Argento deleted them.

yeaaa i dident watch it yet. i seen the european one thouhg it was cut severly. and the extended version has the commentary with the dvd producer on it.

I like the extended version the best also.

i like the original US version the best

Hey, I own this. God, I haven’t seen a Romero movie since Diary came out on DVD! It’s been over a year!