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David Cronenberg

This is a director I’ve just recently started to get into. He’s directed some great movies like Scanners, Videodrome, The Dead Zone, Crash (well…it was alright) and eXistenZ. I really want to see his new one Spider. Anyone else?

I cant say I’m a big fan, but I’ve seen most of his films. I liked Scanners, The Dead Zone and The Fly the most.

I haven’t seen Spider yet.

I love David Cronenberg. He is one of my favorite filmmakers. My two favorite films of his are Crash and Dead Ringers. I love it when he gets more phsycological like in those two films. More about the deterioration of the mind and soul than about the deterioration of the flesh like in Scanners or The Fly. Though I do think that Videodrome and Existenze are pretty symbolic movies. Both with lots of metaphores in them so they are both right up there As well. Oh and I also really love his version of Naked Lunch. It is not a faithful adaption of the actual novel, it is more of about William S. Burroughs himself as he was writing Naked Lunch. And if anyone is a big Burroughs fan like I am and is familiar with his life, the film is really a brilliant interpretation of this part of his life and what he want though during this time. It’s also Cronenberg’s most surreal film. It always reminds me of Lost Highway, from my favorite filmmaker of all time David Lynch. These three films show what Cronenberg is really capable of doing as a filmmaker. He truly is a very deep artist. I am really looking forward to seeing Spider. I hear it is just as psychological as his other films I mentioned.

CRASH gave me a boner

SCANNERS,VIDEODROME and THE FLY were some flicks that I grew up on and I gotta tell ya, If there was one director who could shock an audience with a gory sequence. It was him. The Special effects seen in those movies were just flat out gruesome. The thing that made them so effective was that horror audiences (Or audiences in general) had never seen anything like this. Up around that time, Slashers were the only place to find some gore. Horny teens getting their Up & Comings by a masked maniac was the norm.

But Cronenberg took it to another level by bringing a psychological style that could haunt the viewer big time. And for that, he deserves a gang of props!

Haven’t seen his latest work yet. But I’m on the lookout for 'em.

I only seen spider and dead ringers and I didn’t like dead ringers! spider was very good

I finally saw Spider and I absolutely loved it. I think it’s my favorite Cronenberg film. After that it’s probably Crash then Naked Lunch and then Dead Ringers.

You didn’t like Dead Ringers???

That’s true, I didn’t like it, I found it as a movie with no interest to follow.

OK I respect that it is acknowledged as a masterpiece but OK it is my personal view. Maybe if I see it again I’ll change my mind.

I tell to my close friends that I didn’t like it, and they are furious about me!

Well anyway, The direction was briliant and Jeremy Irons was brilliant but…OK…OK I’ll stop!

I saw Spider last night, the guy at the local theater was really surprised: "Are somone actually going to see this movie? Guess I have to turn on the power then, sit anywhere you like."

I havn’t seen many Cronenberg movies, just The Fly. The Fly was great, and Spider was a brilliant movie and Ralph Finnies is great.

Crash was disturbingly sexy. ;D

I’m really starting to get into Cronenberg, just bought The Dead Zone and Videodrome. The Dead Zone was brilliant, and Walken gave a stunning performance, can’t wait to see Videodrome.

“The ice… will break!” (hairs rising…)

I love his movies especially Naked Lunch. I have Dead Ringers(have not watched it). I have only seen Naked Lunch.

The Dead Zone is one of my all time favorites!

Cronenberg is one of my three favorite directors ever. His movies are incredibly intellectual, intelligent, psychological and philosophical. Especially my favorite one “Videodrome” is influenced by the philosophy of Jean Baudrillard and Marshall McLuhan. Cronenberg’s philosophy of the human body/flesh is very interesting. “Videodrome” is definitely one of my favorite movies and if I’d have to decide what movies is really my no. 1 I’d have to choose between “Videodrome” and “Taxi Driver”. Its the most intelligent movie I have ever seen, so full of details and interesting themes, I could only sum this up in a German essay, my English isn’t good enough for the huge and complex text I could write about this gem :slight_smile: .

I think Cronenberg is great! I still remember seeing VIDEODROME on the big screen as a pre-teen. And I finally got to see the unrated version on the Criterion DVD (which I definitely must buy)!!! There’s also a great interview with him, John Carpenter and John Landis from 1982 on this disc.

I also recently re-watched RABID, which is still a cool, creepy film.

It’s very telling how Cronenberg predicted numerous human events in his films (whether it’s mas hysteria of blood/sexually transmitted disease (RABID) or ultra-right wing religious/political fanaticism in the media (VIDEODROME) - the latter today could be seen as a precursor to the rise of Rupert Murdoch and Fox News, in my opinion. Cronenberg was always on the mark when it comes to depravation and degradation of the human body and mind.

I still need to see SHIVERS and THE BROOD.


Trailer & Clip for Cronenberg’s 'A History Of Violence’

i hope PAINKILLERS is going to be made, it looks awesomeeeeerrrrrr

Cronenberg is one of my all-time favorites as well. Although The Fly scared the snot outta me when I was around 8 or so. I’ve since grown to love it. Videodrome is still my favorite of his Want to see Naked Lunch but the only way for me is to buy the expensive criterion disc.

I love Cronenberg. The best thing about his movies are seeing where they start and seeing where the end. They are so far apart, it’s insane. The first movie of his I ever saw was “Videodrome”. My jaw dropped five minutes before the credits even rolled. They really are like nightmares. Some people might call it pretentious, and I can see that for certain tastes, but I still thinks its genious.

I’m picking up “A History of Violence” immediately when the chance is given to me. I somehow managed to miss it in the the theaters so I’m really looking forward to it.

Sadly I havnt seen much by Croenberg but what I have seen I have liked. My favorites are The Fly,The Dead Zone,and Crash.