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Daryl Hannah's Fingerless finger..!

Don’t know if this is absolutly ancient news for some ppl but I only found out recently from my mum (of all people who despise Kill Bill…well I do talk her ear off about it…lol) that Daryl Hannah is missing half her (pointing ??) finger on her left hand…

Apparently what happened was when she was young, she got it caught in the pulley of a well and it wasn’t able to be re-attached. How weird is that.

LOL so my friend and I played a new ‘find the fingerless finger’ game in KB1 - you can tell which one it is - the one with the ring on it in the hospital scene.

No I didn’t know that. In this way she is similar to Lee Van Cleef then…

well, basically I was flicking through a magazine the other day and it said somethig stupid like “Daryl takes a finger off in public” or some shit like that…anywho, I thought they were being melodramatic, just taking pics of her with her finger folded underneath…I do it all the time when I read… when I commented about it, mum said she’d known about this real incident since ‘Splash’ came out!! I freaking laughed. I couldn’t believe it!!

If I can find the magazine, I’ll scan the pics and post them

Oh sorry, Van Cleef had only a part of a finger missing, not the whole finger.

no, she’s only got half her finger missing - from the main bendy bit.

Oh, well then I was right then. I have to stop contradicting myself!

I can’t find any pics of her missing finger. Does anyone have any?

I knew there was something I had to do! I have pics of her missing finger. I’ll try and scan them tomorrow

i think i remeber in the movie she had a bandaid on one finger, was that the one?

i was thinking that too

That would make sense. Ving Rhames had a bandaid covering the scar on the back of his neck. Maybe bandaids covering real life scars has become part of the “Tarantino Universe”.

I saw a band aid on one of her fingers and maybe they just made it up to look like it was a proper finger and not a half finger (by placing a fake bit of finger where necessary)