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Dario Argento

Any fans of this Italian horror* director here? First film of his I saw over a decade ago was Suspiria and I thought it was brilliant. I haven’t seen much of his output (the other three I have seen have been Profondo Rosso (Deep Red), Sleepless, Tenebrae and a bit of The Stendhal Syndrome) but my appetite is whetted enough to want to see more.

*or to use the correct terminology ‘giallo’ which translates as yellow.

erratum…I got confused. I haven’t seen Tenebrae. The film I meant to put down was Phenomena (also known as Creepers in the USA).

Dario Argento is one of my favorite directors. My three favorite Argento’s films are The Stendhal Syndrome, Opera and Deep Red. I have seen 15 of his films and there isn’t a single one that I don’t like. I find them all enjoyable flaws and all.

IFC had some of his movies on for hallowen, i only watched deep red and sespira. deep red is just a great movie weither you like horror of not one of my fav.

Tenebre is definitely one of my favorites of his, let alone the rocking score by Goblin. I like how in many instances they layer the scare effects… setting you up for a scare, you think whew thats over, then BAM another scare even bigger pops out of nowhere… and he plays around with this in this movie. I’m still a bit surprised the scare techniques used haven’t been ripped off of countless times from this movie.

Tarantino owns a beautiful print of Suspiria.

Based on his movies you have seen I’d recommend his animal trilogy for viewing.

The Bird With the Crystal Plumage

The Cat O’ Nine Tails

Four Flies on Grey Velvet

Yesterday I watched “Bird with the Crystal Plumage” by Dario Argento, and I was a little bit let down.

Of course, it was an intriguing crime-story, very smooth camera-work, too, but overall the story turned

out to be a little bit lengthy and the stalking scenes where too rare, too short and they didn’t get much

interest from me. The final twist was nice, though, but again I expected the story to turn out more

sinister with a lot more at stake. Also the title-reference, when it was finally named, turned out be

kinda lame. But maybe I’m just spoiled, because I expected something like “Trauma” or “Stendhal

Syndrome” from a very early Dario Argento. High expectations can seriously ruin a movie for you.

Better high expectations than low. If you have low expectations you’ll start praising something mediocre as brilliant. In any case we should keep filmmakers on their toes, after all they have the best job in the world and we as audience members should demand only the creme de la creme. Even if it is a straight-to-video piece of nonsense.

His Last one “Do You Like Hitchcock?”,was compeletely rediculous and the lead character is so funny you will laugh your head out!!!

“Phenomena” and “Suspiria” are pretty good though…

In Suspiria the way people get killed are always in beautiful settings. I really need to see more buy the guy.

Suspiria and Phenomena are my favourites, too. Both are masterpieces.

I know many peole hate The Stendhal Syndrome but I thoght it was pretty good. Anyone agree?