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Dances With Wolves Sequel Coming

It’s been seventeen years since Dances With Wolves came out and won whole heap o’ Oscars, but a sequel to the story of a Civil War lieutenant (Kevin Costner) who abandons his military ways to joins a Sioux tribe is currently in the works. Disappointingly they’ve not gone with our preferred title, Fandangoes With Llamas, but The Holy Road.

The script has been written by Michael Blake, who wrote not only the screenplay for Wolves but also the two novels on which the films are based. Directing duties will be taken by Simon Wincer, who’s had a less than stellar movie career (when we looked him up on the IMDb, the titles The Phantom and Crocodile Dundee In Lose Angeles screamed out at us). But he did direct the well received Spielberg produced mini-series Into The West, so he has form on the western front. Wincer’s appointment presumably doesn’t give much chance of Kevin Costner reprising his role as Lieutenant Dunbar, as he’d likely want to call the shots behind the camera again – and with good reason, with the Oscars and all.

The Holy Road picks up eleven years after Wolves, with Dunbar now married to Stands With Fist and the white man encroaching further on the lives of the Sioux as they build a railway – the titular Holy Road – across the country.

What do you think about this much belated sequel?

I loved DWW. I’m def interested in this one. Hopefully it will be as well made as DWW was.

what could possibly happen in the sequel? Starvation? Cannibalism? Death? Dances With Wolves was as great as any movie ever made (Including Pulp). The ending left the audience feeling the dispair that led to the demise of the Native Americans - which is what the movie’s main goal was. Until this movie was made, MOST westerns or Indian-themed movies painted a picture that depicted the white man as the race sent by God to establish order and the Red man as a barbarian.

I’m not ashamed to say I loved the original a part of me is ashamed to

say that I don’t want to see a sequel without Kevin Costner.

OH wow a western movie where people are kicked of their land in the name of progress due to the building of a railroad. STOP THE FUCKING PHONE this has never been done!!! >:(

Good thing the studios don’t have a ledger with everything that’s already been done before.

Look down the list, "uh-oh, already done that, can’t have that in the movie."

Uh-oh, can’t write a story that takes place in a certain time period when progress was made in the country, it’s been done before…

That’s just ridiculous.

Still, having said that, if Costner’s not involved and Mary McDonnell isn’t involved, what’s the point?

[quote=“moviemike”]Still, having said that, if Costner’s not involved and Mary McDonnell isn’t involved, what’s the point?[/quote]
Agreed. It’s like making Raging Bull 2: Rage Harder without Scorsese and De Niro.

or Deepthroat 2 without Linda Lovelace

If this isnt a genuine sequel with Kev and Mary, forget it.

Now, if Costner did make the movie, why should anyone be ashamed to wish for that? Hell, that’s MR. BROOKS, baby!