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Dan Brown

Is anyone else reading his books?

I’ve read The Da Vinci Code and I’m half-way through Deception Point.

So what do you think, Fantastic or Fake?

Regardless of whether you believe his theories or not you must admit that his research is amazing.

Dan brown was famous for Da Vinci Code because of the book’s subject matter. In actual fact, he is a horrible writer, all his other books were totally unsuccessful and even the Da Vinci Code was badly written. He is a really bad writer but Da Vinci Code was controversial and teh subject matter got talked about and then it became famous

Totally agree with Angel here.

I disagree with both negative comments above. The fact that his previous two works were horrid means nothing; how many times has a writer written other works that have no public appeal, but their most recent work get notoriety regardless of the subject? I can understand that perhaps a subject is not of your liking, but I honestly doubt you actually read all of his books to come to this conclusion; after all, why would you read several books from someone who’s literary style you dislike. I do want to say that granted, “The Da Vinci Code”, did gain notoriety based on the subject it talked about; but at the same time it was a great read and several historical facts are mentioned in the book. If you are history buff and “the sangreal, knights templars” are topics you like, then pick up the book and read. PLEASE keep in mind this is fiction.

I also have to disagree with the negative comments.

I am now onto a third book by Dan Brown Deception Point and i am totally enjoying it.

I have just finished Angels & Demons and that has to be the best book i have read so far this year (and i read alot!)

The Da Vinci Code was a great read also, he knows how to make a character come to life within your minds eye.