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Daltry Calhoun DVD

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QT audio commentary! yay!

Well, now I HAVE a to buy the DVD. Instead of just his name, we’re gettin’ a commentary. But why the hell can’t the man do commentaries on his own movies and not just movies he wrote for or just lended his name to?!?

Pulp Fiction: no QT commentary

Jackie Brown: no QT commentary

Kill Bill Vol. 1: no QT commentary

Kill Bill Vol. 2: no QT commentary

Daltry Calhoun: has QT commentary

Doesn’t something just feel a little annoying?

Though, I’m definitely gonna be picking it up.

well FDTD has a commentary. and Sin City will have a QT commentary as well.

and I am sure the Kill Bill SEs will have one…

i think its just miramax’s fault that the pulp and jackei dvds didn’t have any.

and reservoir dogs at least has some sort of commentary

i heard the film is terrible

i heard the film is terrible

I cannot judge. the film isn’t out in Germany yet and I see no sign of it opening anywhere soon :frowning:

i heard the film is terrible

It’s got a 0% rating on with 24 different critics ratings. That’s baaaaad. Another Johnny Knoxville flick that I did see was “The Dukes of Hazzard” and it’s maybe the least funniest comedy I’ve ever seen. The writers didn’t even attempt at being funny. It’s only worth seeing for Jessica Simpson in a red bikini :o . But that flick has a 16% rating on rotten tomatoes, but granted they have about 5 times as many different critics that rated it. So apparently this is a flaming pile of a movie, but Tarantino approves of it, so I’ll give a chance.

…The things I’ll do for Tarantino.

here’s a review of the DVD: