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Cutie Honey

What is this film about? i’ve seen some pics from the movie and it looks hilarious. Anybody seen this?


Adapted from a classic 70s Japanese cartoon, the live action movie Cutie Honey stars Sato Eriko and is one of the most talked about films in Japan this summer. The director for this film is the famed director of Neon Genesis Evangelion, Anno Kideaki, and the lead CUTIE HONEY is played by the sexy Sato Eriko, where she will be COSPLAY! The comic Cutie Honey began in 1973 about a girl with special powers that allows her to have the unusually strong fighting powers. Kisaragi Honey usually lives in a secluded boarding school, but when she is fighting crime, she does her switch moves, screams “HONEY FLASH!”, and turns into the sexy and sweet CUTIE HONEY. This film will have some of the most advanced CG technology to date, showing this switch in the most seamless fashion.

The film’s title theme song “CUTIE HONEY, SWEET FIGHTER” is performed by Koda Miku, an extremely popular song that most Japanese can sing along to as it is the same theme song from the anime series.

we had a topic a few years ago but then the Big Bad Seb came and deleted half of the threads… diceman’s review may still be somewhere in the review board…

But yeah, the film is awesome. Silly as hell but fast and fun and stars the wonderfull female Duracell Bunny Eriko Sato (not to be cofused with Erika Sato). I actually wouldn’t like her so much normally but she’s bloody awesome in this. Same goes with Koda Kumi who performs great opening and closing themes although generally speaking I’m not a huge fan of her music. A special mention goes to Mikako Ichikawa who’s sooo lovely in this. The film is directed by Hideaki Anno who helmed the awesome Love & Pop as well as Shiki-jitsu and Neon Genesis Evangelion

I’ll see if I can find some old reviews or screencaps from my computer…

Thanks Hung… I almost bought this today, you can see what I bought instead in the dvd purchase topic. :slight_smile: the Cutie Honey I wanted was a special edition lunchbox :stuck_out_tongue: it was silly but cool.

yeah, the R1. It was released not too long ago. I don’t know about the quality but it could be a R2J port. There’s a R4 release too but the compression is poor.

My R2J

Eastern Eye (cap from dvdtimes)

My R2J

Eastern Eye (cap from dvdtimes)

BTW I was wondering… is this movie considered to be tokasatsu? you know like the japanese Spider-man Series, Supaidäman?

yeah, I think so.

I love that… I used to download Supaidäman episodes when I was around 11-12 ;D

There’s a live action TV show:

Looks cheap but that trailer is nice.

Stars a gal named Mikie Hara

Yeah looks pretty cheap, but if they’ll actually throw out a subbed DVD (which I don’t think will ever happen), count me in. If it’s cute and loud enough, I’m sold.