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Cult Fiction (2005) Film collection DVD

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The CULT FICTION collection presents four cheeseball attempts at low-budget horror that purposely elicit more laughs than chills. In BAD MOVIE POLICE #1, scream queens Ariauna Albright and Lilith Stabs host a MYSTERY SCIENCE THEATER 3000-style presentation of GALAXY OF THE DINOSAURS (1992), which follows a group of space travelers trapped on a dinosaur-infested planet. In BAD MOVIE POLICE #2, Albright and Stabs train their sights on the equally awful CHICKBOXER (1992). EDDIE PRESLEY (1992) boasts cameos from Quentin Tarantino and Bruce Campbell in the story of a struggling Elvis impersonator who gets more than he bargained for when he stages a “comeback” show at a seedy Hollywood nightclub. And TOWNIES (2002) presents a blackly comic assortment of demented social misfits in smalltown Ohio from the director and star of KILLER NERD, Wayne A. Harold and AMERICAN SPLENDOR muse Toby Radloff.

comes to DVD October 18th

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the 2-DVD set comes from Bci/Eclipse (known for tons of bogus dvd boxes, Sony Chiba stuff etc) so dont expect high quality

Eddie Presley is available seperately even in a special edition (check filmography on main site)

oh wow, its only 10 bucks… “wham” into the shopping cart :slight_smile:

updated our Eddie Presley pages with pictures and DVD info: