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Cult fans need help from Mr Tarantino. Please

We need the beautiful world of Euro-Crime/Giallo & shown to us in its’ entirety. For way too long we’ve been having to source our R2 NTSCs, R1 PALs, horrible vhs pan & scan bootlegs with god-knows-what subtitles at the bottom, watching with no English subs/dubs & paying outrageous prices, to boot.

I’ve seen with my own eyes what QT’s love & involvement can do with a picture. I have my copy of “Cosa avete fatto a Solange?” I have my Raro prints of the few Di Leo’s masterpieces QT got involved with. They blow everything else done for this genre out of the water.

I really do think that Tarantino’s caring hand for these genres is what’s needed. I don’t want to have to buy any more crappy ill-sourced bootlegs from these jerkoffs that don’t care about films, but rather the money they can make from them. I’d rather not have to have an all-region dvd player to enjoy what effect Quentin can have in these genres. I really think that if Quentin goes after these for the love that we share with these movies, we can actually enjoy them 10x more than they were intended to. With the Tarantino touch.

Films I’d like to see beautifully remastered that no one’s given the time of day to: High Crime, Highway Racer, Violence For Kicks, From Corleone to Brooklyn, Fear in the City, The Burglars, Bloody Payroll, Born Winner, The Climber, Season for Assassins, A Quiet Place to Kill, The Seducers, Four Flies on Grey Velvet, The Day of the Cobra (the R1 released right now is a grey market pan & scan), Pronto Ad Uccidere (The Raro version is full-screen and has no Eng options), Ricco Cauldron of Death, Rome Armed to the Teeth, The Cynic, the Rat & the Fist, Violent Naples, Violent Rome, So Sweet…So Perverse, Every Man Is My Enemy, Blastfighter, The Blue-Eyed Bandit, Etc, Etc, Etc.

These are just examples of titles that have no release…for pretty much anywhere. :’(

Please help revive these genres under your name to 1) Give them more exposure and 2) Provide the love and resources needed to lift these out of obscurity.

Please. & Thank you.

I hear what you’re saying, but unless QT reads this site or goes back into distributing DVDs (like on Rolling Thunder), this isnt going to do much. He’s had a big impact on getting the word out about the awesome DiLeo and other Italian genre films. Now its up to other people to carry out getting the DVDs made.

You should try, they have alot of great Euro genre titles there. Thats where I get all my foreign cult genre DVDs.

Note: In the past year or so, No Shame Films have released a bunch of great gialli & polizioteschi titles too.

yes or continue to by products from Blue Underground, for example so the companies actually make ANY money at all from it and continue producing them…

other examples for companies: Anchor Bay; Koch Media; Synaptic… etc

I believe Synapse films may have some giallo not sure through.

Actually it’s a great idea, I know Scorsese helped restoring Vertigo and (?) Lawrence of Arabia, that I value more than some of the films he actually directed. If old Quentin wanted he could resurrect millions of giallos and exploitation and what not, instead of participating in projects such as Hostel.

But it’s probably incredibly unprofitable. There are not really THAT many cult fans out there.

QT has so much on his plate right now. He cant do everything. He cant even get his own Kill Bill SE DVDs out when fans want them!! lol.

QT really has totally changed things already. Half of the classic Euro-Asian genre titles we talk about on this board were brought back into popular consciousness by him.

If you watch any interviews on the Italian genre DVDs, QTs name comes up so often. Hes the biggest champion of gialli and polizioteschi films there is.

QT really has totally changed things already. Half of the classic Euro-Asian genre titles we talk about on this board were brought back into popular consciousness by him.

Ain’t that the truth. And they all have “this inspired Quentin Tarantino” and “one of Quentin Tarantino’s favourite films” on them. It shows how much people care what he thinks. It helps that he has awesome taste.