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Craziest Scene in Kill Bill

To me, it has to be the breakdancing scene where Uma gets down on the floor and starts cuttin off everybody’s legs. That shit waz so fuckin cool  8)

especially the music to that. i loved it. that was so cool

LOL! When she starts break dancing and starts owning everybodies limbs is great, classic. Love that scene, as well.

I love the whole battle from the eye popping beginning to the body sliced in half like sushi ending.

The shot of the Crazy 88s (QTs one of em) maimed and bloody on the dance floor is so awesome. Its comedic AND gory as hell at the same time. QT is the fuckin MASTA!

I loved the houser of blue leaves. Beginning to end, also when she goes to get her sword.

The final battle with O-Ren is where it is at.

Craziest scene is GoGo and the guy at the bar. Intestine spill on aisle 4!

The whole Buck sequence is pretty cool as well.

The whole of House of Blue Leaves would have to be it.

Everyone keeps saying that QT is one of the dead at HOBL, but I’ve never seen him. Does anyone have a screenshot?

That entire Anime sequence was so fucking cool. It was such a good idea to put Anime in the middle of that movie, it fit so well. For me, that scene made the movie.

The anime sequence was pretty wicked but I don’t think it’s the craziest of the movie. Yeah, the breakdancing was cool… I think the Crime Council scene was pretty crazy when O-Ren basically beheaded Tanaka and started off her speech all sacharine sweet which later escalates into full-blown pissed off which ends with that calm “meeting is adjourned”. She’s just as mad as Gogo.

That breakdancing scene was just awesome, although im still questioning if it was break dancing or some form of martial arts.

That Anime scene was just beautifull, with all them rough drawings.

my friend told me that when it shows all the bodies on the floor after the bride’s ass-kickin, you can see the split in half…like each half in a different place…anybody notice that?

I loved the conversation between HH and his assistant in the sushi bar. It was so out of place, like a little intermission after the whole O-Ren origin story and before the House of Blue Leaves.

i also like the buildup to the massacre when the Crazy 88 are makin fun of Charlie Brown and the Death Rides a Horse theme is playin in the background-everytime i see that scene i know that all hell is about to break loose

ya i luv that scene to and the anime whem o’ren kills that killed her folkes :-/

The Gogo backstory scene was the craziest scene in the movie. If only for the guys teeth.

Buck’s head in the door…totally unexpected…totally crazy…Go-go’s “you wanna screw me” scene as well.

I’m scared of her now. Shes a cock stabber

The craziest part is the bearming of Sophie Fatale. Seeing something that beautiful being mamed is so disturbing and shocking at the same time.