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Couple of questions

The scene where all the Dogs get their names, it takes place in a warehouse, is that the same warehouse where all the main action takes place? Looks like it.

And if you were Marvin Nash wouldn’t you rat out Mr Orange to try and save yourself if you knew he was a cop? I would!

yes of course it’s the same warehouse.

well he’s a courageous cop then, huh.

a real tough one!

I was wondering the same thing.I guess he thought he’d be ok until the cops arrived when Joe got back.He wasn’t expecting to be set on fire.Since he was new to the force he was probably told there was someone undercover,but he wasn’t told who.He may have just recognized Freddy after he saved him.

I think it was clear at the time when Mr. Blonde cuts his ear off that he wasn’t overly bothered about who was ratting out whom, so it wouldn’t have helped Marvin’s own situation. Also, yes, he may not have recognised Freddy at this point, at least not fer sure. Then, I don’t think he would have betrayed him to NGE after Freddy had reassured him that they would be OK.